A Healthy Body Starts With A Healthy Gut

The idea that bacteria is beneficial for our gut health is not revolutionary. We have all seen the commercials for certain yogurts that claim their product will keep you more regular. We understand that probiotics are necessary for digestion, but probiotics are becoming more and more important for other parts of our body as well.

Woman's Fingers Touching her body parts, heart shaped fingers

It seems that every day research is coming out about the amazing benefits that these “good” bacteria have on our body’s, and more importantly, our children’s body’s.  The gut regulates so many bodily functions that it is now becoming called the body’s “second brain”.  We now know that the majority of our body’s serotonin is actually produced in the digestive tract thanks to these good bacteria. Serotonin is a natural mood stabilizer and low serotinin levels can lead or contribute to depression or anxiety. If you or your family have a history of depression or anxiety, a probiotic may be helpful to help keep your serotonin at a normal level. Not only can these bacteria affect our minds, they also affect our immune system. About 75% of our immune function takes place in our digestive tract. These good bacteria are responsible for creating immune cells to help fight off illness. When the family is sick, make sure they are taking their probiotics. More and more research is coming out about our gut health relating to various pathologies, such as: obesity, Crohn’s disease, Type 1 diabetes (autoimmune disease), Type 2 Diabetes, autism, brain disease and food allergies. It is a really exciting time for researchers to link these different pathologies to various probiotics that can help reverse these conditions.

Our body’s are very good at regulating our gut bacteria, but certain things can alter our composition of bacteria in our gut. These things include: highly processed or unhealthy diets, high fructose corn syrup, overuse of NSAIDs, STRESS, antibiotics, alcohol, Polysorbate 80,  carrageenan, polyglycerols, glyphosate residues and irregular sleep cycles. Early symptoms of poor gut health is bloating after meals, flatulence, reflux, constipation or diarrhea.

In our baby’s, their gut bacteria is first populated by their journey down the birth canal. Mom’s bacteria will populate her baby’s gut as the baby exits the birth canal. If Mom has unhealthy bacteria in her digestive tract, she will pass them on to her baby. In order to ensure that the Mom has a good mixture of bacteria for her baby, I recommend taking a probiotic during her pregnancy and throughout breastfeeding. The probiotic will also help with yeast infections that are very common during pregnancy.


Now that you know of all the amazing benefits of taking a probiotic, how do you get started? I recommend only taking probiotics that you will find refrigerated. These are live organisms and need to be refrigerated to make sure they don’t die on the store shelves. For infants, drops are best. These drops can be either applied to the nipple or put into the baby’s bottle. For toddlers, there are chewable probiotics. For older kids and adults, you can use powder or capsules. You want to make sure that the probiotic is specific for kids, women or men. Do you need to be on probiotics the rest of your life? The simple answer is yes. I cycle my patient’s on probiotics. I recommend 2 months on and 2 months off for adults. The only exception are for those that are pregnant and/or breastfeeding. Those groups of people will be on probiotics long-term. If your child is constipated or colicky, they may need to be on the probiotics consistently until their stools are regulated or their temperament changes.  When you are taking a probiotic, I always recommend taking it with half a banana or some other type of prebiotic. A prebiotic is “food” for the good bacteria to chew on. This will help the good bacteria thrive and set up shop in your digestive tract. Other types of prebiotic foods are asparagus, garlic, onion and apples. If this is your first round of probiotics, expect some indigestion the first week. Bloating, gas, diarrhea or constipation are all very normal the first week of probiotic use. This is due to the new good bacteria killing off the bad bacteria that have been living in your digestive tract.

Another great way to get more probiotics into your diet is with fermented foods. This includes, but not limited to: kefir (water or dairy), kombucha, kimchi, sauerkraut, and pickled fruits and vegetables. These types of probiotics may be more difficult for your kids to eat, but you can experiment with the different flavors.


There are so many wonderful health benefits from healthy gut bacteria. If you are currently not on a probiotic, give it a try! You will not be disappointed.

Campo Family YMCA

By: Regan Burke


The YMCA, otherwise known as The Young Men’s Christian’s Association, has come a long way since the days of old. Once a gathering of men seeking sanctuary for bible study during troubled times, the YMCA has developed over decades, across miles, and continents. Today the YMCA is so much more than that, although its history is rich, the “Y” offers a vast array of programs tailored to develop youth, seniors, families, and communities in all aspects of life.

Every Y seems to be a little different, from the programming to the facility itself, each tends to focus on and service its community a little differently than the next. Recently Everyday Moms partnered with the Campo Family YMCA to schedule a playdate at the facility’s splash pad. Between the employees leading fun water activities, the slides, and the fact that there were so many lifeguards present to help keep watch, this playdate was perfect for both mommies and children. The kids were so happy, and moms were all able to enjoy some quality adult conversation while the kiddies burned off some energy in a safe environment. While we were there we had the opportunity to learn a little more about what this facility had to offer and it was nothing short of impressive!

Family programming:

This Y, much like many others, aims to offer programs to help develop and strengthen the bonds that hold a family together. The family programs here offer opportunities to families that will not only develop them as individuals but create lasting memories that they can all carry with them.

Sports programming:

Whether you’re an adult just looking to keep up your skills and fitness in a friendly adult league or you are a parent looking to peak your child’s interest in a sport, the YMCA has many sports leagues to offer. While each Y tends to focus on certain sports, the Campo family YMCA offers basketball, volleyball, and swim teams as a way to sharpen skills, make friends, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Health programming:

With many other gyms, the intimidation factor starts the moment you walk in the door. Walking into the YMCA made me so incredibly comfortable. We learned of all the free or very affordable options they offer to aid someone in their fitness journey. Programs like Y weight and the diabetes prevention program help educate people in the areas of fitness, strength training, and cardiovascular training, but also in nutrition, which I learned in a key ingredient that so many people miss. The Campo Family Y also offers a wide array of group fitness classes, two appointments with a personal trainer (for free) upon joining the Y, and countless other events that support people in their goal to get healthier and stronger.

Senior programming:

The YMCA also offers both fitness a social programming for senior citizens in the area. They host social events, offer volunteering opportunities, AND fitness programs. Giving back to a population who has done so much for their communities seems like a no-brainer, yet no other “gyms” seem to offer them quite like the Y.

Other various offerings we learned about:

  • Birthday Parties
  • Holiday events (Easter, Christmas, etc.)
  • Free Judo Classes for members
  • Ballet
  • Boot Camp classes for home-schooled kids
  • Small group training classes
  • Youth and teen room
  • Huge kid’s zone, complete with tons of credentialed staff members, slides, arts and crafts, etc.


For families large or small, theres just not a better place. There are so many options; programs, sports, classes, and events offered under one roof, that are all for the betterment of both individuals and families.  The Y goes far beyond a few sets of weights and treadmills. It’s obvious to see that their goal is to give to the community in which it resides and that is something that we can get behind!

Why I Will Always Buy Stuff from my Friends First

By: Regan Burke

Why wouldn’t I? I mean let’s be real here – direct sellers get a bad rap sometimes. I see it on a daily basis in my news feed. From blog posts to memes, there are plenty of resources dedicated to the bashing and/or shaming of “the biz” of selling stuff to your “friends”. But why? Why would anyone not want to support the mom of two boys on traveling soccer teams rather than the big box store?

To be quite honest, I just don’t get it.

I am not talking about buying things I wouldn’t probably buy already. I am not talking about buying truly junky things that I do not need or wish to possess. I am talking about buying things that make my house smell good from a Scentsy rep instead of Target. I am talking about purchasing makeup from a Younique or Mary Kay rep instead of going to Ulta or the mall. Yes, maybe it would be super simple to stroll through Target and pick up everything I could need or want – and yes, I might have to wait or even drive to meet someone to get my item from a rep, but to me – it is totally worth it to help out a fellow mom.

Here’s why:

  • Nine times out of ten, that rep is a parent, just trying to support a family just like I am. Yes, occasionally those incessant posts about that fabulous product can absolutely seem a little over the top and salesy, but the overall goal of that person is one that I can completely relate to.
  • The products are almost always pretty awesome. I have loved my skin care line from Rodan and Fields. My skin looks fabulous but the added bonus is that I get to help a mom stay home with her two boys. Win-win!
  • I actually like the in-home parties when I am able to go. I get to meet new people, and wine – there’s almost always wine involved. But seriously, who doesn’t like to shop with other grown-ups while also supporting a friend? Again win-win!
  • Buying things online is also amazing when you have a village of small people like myself. Plus wine – there’s usually wine involved their too, and pj’s. I call this a triple win since I can not shop at the mall in piece, with wine, or in my pajamas. I mean I could, but it’s probably frowned upon.

lula             mk             scentsy            31

In all seriousness, I think of making my purchases through people I know because I feel that it is always good to empower other women who are just trying to do the same as the rest of us – survive. Think of the motive behind the actions rather than viewing them like we all view the kiosk person at the mall or the used car salesman. So go ahead, get next year’s mother’s day present from your Premier Jewelry rep and give that person’s child their next ballet lesson. I assure you, the mall won’t miss that one purchase but you will do something amazing for another family just like your while also receiving something you probably would have bought anyway. Remember they win, and so do you!



“Dress” like you are hot (but really not in this heat)!

By: Kelly Roque

Dress Shop Image 1

     We all know when the “summer” truly hits our sunshine state, the last thing we successfully accomplish is looking fashionable.  Or how about I say, the last thing we feel like is fashionable (or at least the majority of us).  I at times fear the mirror after the hustle and bustle of running my boys around (boys= son and husband), running to the store, running errands and just always running.  I think I can actually feel my makeup sliding off of my face like candle wax and my clothing stick to me like a garbage bag.  However! This does not stop me from trying, in fact, it can be my day’s challenge.  One thing I’ve tried not to loose is looking presentable in the heat (even if I’m the only one that believes I indeed look presentable and favoring sitting in an air conditioned space like a mannequin…ha)!

There comes that dreaded time where you have to get dressed and it is south of 85 degrees outside of your door, weather it be to your Uber job (we are all Uber drivers to the loved ones in our life, no pun intended of course), your office job, a play date or a cool brunch.  So what is the top pick for these days when living in an inferno, alas…a dress of course! Yes…this is far from rocket science but a staple piece that is much alive and easy to achieve.  When it comes to maximum ventilation, the perfectly fitted dress is my #1 choice.  I myself like to go crazy with colors and patterns but cotton is typically my go to.  Being an advocate and owner of organic and sustainable clothing for women, organic cotton is definitely something to choose when looking for favorite finds.  Especially in the heat, it is soft and truly absorbs any moisture throughout the day.  Of course it is not always available when choosing your favorite dresses, so plain ole cotton works just well.  Please…please and please again, stay away from any poly’s and rayons (100% that is, a mix is fine though) because you will find yourself like that garbage bag I’ve mentioned.  Materials are key when it comes to the heat.

Plaid Dress

     Again- you can’t go wrong with a dress but you can if it is continued to be paired with the basic flip flop.  I know we all love a flip flop but change it up a bit and loose the mindset of “if I can’t wear flip flops…I’m not going!” Throw on a sandal sometimes  (note: a flip flop is not necessarily a sandal).  Now, if you are attending an event weather it be day or evening, a small wedge or heel will give any dress and YOU a few more points, I promise.  Don’t always flip and flop, give your leg muscles a run in something elevated, plus you will feel like you look…which is sexy and quite amazing! Speaking of what not to do,  I see soooooo many beauties walking around in exercise clothing and I think to myself, Yep! I am guilty too but I just cannot continue to choose exercising cloths as my “dress.”  At least not everyday that is.  First of all, I feel that it screams “look at me…I have to take Jimmy, Johnny and all of the kids to soccer.”  It has become the obvious choice of mom identity (no ladies- I am not saying we shouldn’t show our mom identity but at times, actual girly/ whimsical/ women’s clothing can make a difference and accent your personality even better verses the neighborhood women’s uniform of exercise clothes).  Lets admit, we are not all running and working out the way we are wearing these work- out clothes.  My husband actually notices this with women and has commented on those that are definitely not exercising but have chosen to replace Under Armor and Nike with their dresses.  It is warranted for some functions but not everyday and for everything (just saying’…we know who we are, I can be guilty at times myself).

Outside of the “dress,” there is a list for this summer that is sure to steer you in the right direction as either a stay at home mom or an office warrior:

Maxi Dresses– Always in, so buy a couple.

Lightweight Denim– Oh this is my fav (weather it be a dress, bottoms or a top).

Cold or exposed shoulders– Now, it took me awhile to accept this one since I felt like a gypsy when I bought my first top.  Can I say how many compliments I got when I wore it.  A winner!

Tanks– We live in the south so this is a no brainer but have fun with them and choose some patterns and stripes.

Skirts– Choose the skirt with pleats please.  Minimal pleats but get some pleats this summer.  When is the last time you wore a skirt (if recent, kudos to you then)!

Comfy Bottoms– Yes, loose bottoms, preferably with a paper bag waste are totally in right now!  The great thing is they can be worn like sweats and won’t stick to your thighs.  🙂

Fab fabrics this summer include patchwork patterns, gingam and stripes.  Let me tell you, I am a patchwork gingam gal…I challenge you to try these fabrics, you will be sure to be noticed.

So- the next time you are wondering what to wear in this heat for just about anything, find “that dress” and rock it like it’s your exercise clothing!

With lots of summer love ♥-

K. Roque



image1 I’m Kelly, busy mother of one amazing son and a wife to an awesome husband.  Our family of three loves any and all things family and each one of us contributes dearly to the life we’re enjoying together.  We live in the Fishhawk area and value our time spent surrounded by other great families and friends.  I am a WFHM by trade and a writer and entrepreneur by heart. My pass time is an obsession for fashion, home and interior decorating.