Must Have Mom Subscriptions

Must Have Mom Subscriptions

There are so many monthly subscriptions out there, from a personalized selection of clothes picked just for you to fishing supplies, depending on what type of water you fish in. (My husband is all about this by the way.)

This list is in no particular order and consist of things I have personally tried or plan to try in the near future.

  1. Amazon Prime – This first is so obvious but should come with a warning label. I love that I can buy anything on this site I need for my family. My most frequent purchases are diapers and Pediasure Grow and Gain but during the last Prime Day I ended up with a 2-pack of Clarisonic brushes and a shirt. I call that a success. But warning, it’s so easy to add things to your cart, check out and have it delivered in 2 days that you may quickly become a “primanista”. That meaning you’ll have packages arriving every few days. Which, doesn’t sound so bad actually. At around $10 a month its a complete and total NEED for moms, who just can’t go to the store one more time that week.
  2. Shipt – Hallelujah! I wish Shipt had been around when I had a newborn in the middle of the Tampa summer years ago. It’s a freaking life saver. Especially when you’re cooking dinner and need a forgotten ingredient or it’s raining, or you just don’t want to go. This subscription is an upfront annual fee of $99 but often run a $49 special when they add a new store or for special holidays. Current stores include Costco, Publix, Target, GFS, Winn Dixie and ABC Wine & Liquor (ummmmm yes!). If you don’t have it, get it. Now. G
  3. Netflix – This is our  most used subscription in my house. They’re always adding movies – whether they’re good or not is not my place to say. It’s less than $15 a month and you can stream it on 2 devices at one time. Yes, I know this for a fact. It’s usually a fight in my house to see who’s going to stop watching. I lose. Every time. So instead of hauling your kids to the movies to watch the newest Disney release, wait 12 weeks after it’s out of box office and save yourself the hassle and money. Unless its an Avengers movie because who doesn’t want to see Chris Hemsworth on the big screen?
  1. Firstleaf (Wine) – How many times have we had to pick up a bottle for friends on the way to a girls night/playdate – this happened to me 3 times last week. Whether you’re a 3 bottles a week gal or 3 bottles a month this could work for you! Firstleaf offers $20/month subscription which includes 3 bottles. The process is super easy, you take the quiz seeing what you’d like white, red, mix and import preference. The last question asks how many bottles you drink a month. So depending on your answers you’re given a suggestion. The wine is delivered to your door. So, you’re never without wine and wouldn’t that be a shame?
  1. FabKids – similar to clothing subscriptions for moms, it’s for the little’s. This is the way I see it. You’re going to spend money on your kids’ school clothes regularly. You see the cute top at Target, oh but does he have a pair of shorts to match? Can’t remember, may as well grab another pair. You’re doing that once a week while there PLUS the pre planned trips for new shoes they’ve outgrown, picture know the drill. Here’s the fine print. Between the 1st and 5th of the month you’re sent an email for action – to shop or skip. If you do choose to skip your card is debited for $29.95 but you’re given that $29.95 as a credit to be used anytime. You’re charged the $29.95 until you cancel. There’s also perks like free shipping (that always gets me) and a rewards program.

This list was composed with you in mind, a little more added convenience to our lives is the way to go. I dread shopping with my kids, even if its a quick trip so you’ll find that all of these eliminate bringing what I’m sure are you wonderfully behaved children in public.

Disclaimer Alert: I haven’t listed all details for everyone of these subscription suggestions. It’s important to conduct your own research. 

36266338_10213004457965528_2216563528326709248_n Written By: Meghan Goodman

Dear MOMpreneur, know your worth! Six tips to help balance your life and business


Little girl playing with makeup

This is a long post with very little pictures, but I promise it’s worth every word!

Work life balance.

(Please note that this is coming from the perspective of a photographer and a homeschool mom. While this is something I see rampant in my industry, I am certain it is rampant everywhere)

This is such a hot topic these days. How do we make sure our business doesn’t take over our lives, but still get the things done that need to be done? Our worth as a woman is more than just being a mom, more than just being a business owner, more than just being an employee, more than just being a wife. We collectively need to support each other through the guilt of trying to do it all and help each other know that it’s ok to work hard in our business, work hard in our home life, and work hard in our personal life. We cannot do them all at once. We have to know when to say no, when to speak up for ourselves and when to just get the hell out.

The other day I was talking to a dear friend. She is also a photographer, as many of my friends are, and we were talking about life, business, and husbands. This is a topic that often comes up with my female photographer friends (seldom as often with my male friends, but they do talk about it to). We all seem to struggle with the balance. This is a profession that tends to take over our weekends and sometimes our lives.

We were talking about her life (and mine). She recently found out that her husband had been unfaithful and she was restructuring her work life to have more of a home life in efforts to save her marriage. Now, I want to stop right here. I have a lot of things to say about this, BUT I want to make it very clear, this is not the only thing she is doing. THEY are working on things together, but I want to address a few things from the female perspective, because my first reaction to her (besides what an asshole and man that sucks) was, I get it.

I know the hardship of working late nights and weekends to run this business. I hear my husband’s complaints of my late hours, going on shoots leaving him home with the kids and in general the putting of my camera before family.


How dare we blame ourselves for our failing marriage?

Why the fuck do we do this?

Now, I get it, a failing relationship is a two-way street. It always takes two to tango. BUT here is the thing with many women I know, our husbands tend to look at our business as a hobby. They see it as something that takes away from their family, and not as a business. Yes, it might not be profitable this year, but without a shit load of hard work and late nights, it never will be!

There! I said it.

As a __________ (insert business here), I am running a business. A business that will take a lot of hard work and I have to treat it as a business as much as my significant other treats it as a business. 


This isn’t a hobby, it’s not something I do just for fun (as much as I love it), and it’s not a side gig.

This is a career.

little boy mouth


According to Small Biz Trends, 69% percent of new businesses in 2016 started in the home and a bit more than 50% of those will fail within the first 4 years mainly due to poor money management. Which makes me wonder how much of it has to do with lack of support?

How many of my MOMpreneur friends struggle to balance work + life when all of that runs out of our home and how many have husbands that say, “no it’s my time to take care of the kids while you work”? How many are working nights to get shit done? Would these women get that same dirty look of “oh you are staying up late to work again” if they were leaving the house for a full-time job outside the home?  Do their husbands even realize they give that look?

I get it, what we do isn’t conventional.

Yes, I have some flexibility to schedule things in a way that allows me to leave the kids with their father while I meet clients. Yes, he is not the babysitter (I have one of those too), but actually a contributing member of this family. Yes, I don’t leave my house for 80% of my career. Yes, I can wipe my kid’s butt and edit at the same time (well, not exactly the same time, but you get it), but I still have a fucking job to do!

little girl crying

And as I spew all this angst, I get that I am to blame for some of it. I should have set office hours (I have tried this, but maybe should try harder…). Yes, at one point this was just a hobby. I should say more often this is my work time and I shouldn’t just say “don’t worry I will do it.”

Fuck this.

Our marriages are two-way streets of support!


Should our husband cheat on us if he doesn’t get enough wife time? NO! He also can’t roll his eyes and say “ugh, working again?” Like everything else, there needs to be communication. WE, have to work together. I will totally support you, your work, and your hobby, BUT I fucking expect the same in return.

I also get that our husbands work hard. Mine often works 70 hours a week to provide for our family life. Here is the thing though, I NEVER roll my eyes and lay on guilt when he tells me he has to work the 3rd weekend in a row. Honestly, my heart aches for him that he has to work that much. It sucks for all of us. I hate that he has to get up at 330 am to go to work, BUT does he ever hate that I have to stay up till 2 am working? Nope, he just gets mad about it.

Sure I am a “stay at home working mom”. We made the choice to homeschool which complicates things too. My days are filled with school stuff, my afternoons with home stuff and my nights with work stuff. I realize that these are choices I made, but fuck, can’t we get some support in them? Would I get more support if I was bartending or a lawyer?

I feel like as women we give, give, give, and then get shit on because we didn’t give quite enough. So to fix the not giving enough, we give up more of ourselves.

Fuck. This.

So tell me, how do I fix this, not just for me, but for all of us? Instead of sympathizing with the next wife who tells me about her husband cheating on her for working so much, what conversation do we have? Instead of her just deciding to cut back on work because that will solve things, how do we rearrange things to make a marriage and a business work?  What do I tell her (and me) to make a difference in this world?

How do we, as working women, get some fucking support in our businesses?

Am I doing things wrong, do I see this problem wrong or do you feel this way too? Maybe it all just comes down to sex right? If we give more of ourselves to our significant other, everything will just be ok? Because I totally want to go to bed after teaching, working in the house, working in my job and give just a little bit fucking more!

So this then leads into another conversation from a dear friend and photographer Maragret. She just wrote a great 3 part series about us as women. She talks about the question, have we done this to ourselves?

“I can’t help but wonder if we as a gender have just accepted the narrative

that our time and skill just isn’t worth as much. 

…when we do step up to the plate and admit our worth, we get scared

that we aren’t falling in line with the norms. We worry we’re coming off

too strong, that we’re demanding too much. No one will love us for not

being like everyone else.”

Do we just set the stage that our time and skill, both in the home and out of it, are not worth as much? Why the fuck do we do this? Are we following some made up standard that we are supposed to do everything? We are to wipe every butt, wash every dish, work a job, teach our children and put them to bed. I know I set this expectation in many ways. It was easier for me to put them to bed with a boob, so I did. It was easier to wake up with them in the middle of the night with a boob, so I did. It was easier to just change the diaper, so I did. It was “easier” to work the job from home while teaching the kids, so I did…

This has to stop!

We are worth it.

If you want to wipe every nose, great, BUT we are not the only ones that can do it. Start asking for help. Don’t just complain about it, make it happen. Start demanding it! Start knowing your worth! Yes, they are assholes for cheating, no it’s not our fault! Could we handle our business better? Sure, BUT we need the fucking support to be able to do that!


little girl and brother face painting

Would you like a push in the right direction to help with knowing your worth for your business? I know some fabulous mentors to help you learn your numbers to make your business profitable! Just ask me and I will point you in their direction!

Want some help in your home life? Speak up, and know you are worth it! Take control, do the things that need to be done in your life and business.

  • Ask for help, from anyone that you think could help you
  • Talk to your spouse, be clear in your intentions
  • Write out a weekly schedule and share it with the whole house. Put everything on it from kid time to house time, business time and husband time.
  • Hire help, trade for help, beg for help. Find someone else to clean the house, have the laundry mat wash and fold your clothes, use a service for freshly prepared meals. Delegate, delegate, delegate!
  • Prioritize that to do list, you don’t  have to do it all at once
  • Have the grace to let the guilt go!

Have any more great tips? Tell me, please! Write them in the comments so everyone else that reads this can read them too. Let’s support each other virtually on how to get the support we need at home!


Mom and Daughter Selfie

The momma behind Momma Got Soul Photo and Films, Tampa Bay Family Photographer. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am an artistic storyteller. I stay up late, try to sleep late, and drink lots of coffee and beer (usually in that order, but not always). I grew up in sunny (which means really hot) central Florida, never go to the beach or Disney, but try to hike in the woods as much as I can. I remember a time when I said I would never photograph people, now that’s all I do. I think it started with wanting to explore the world and capture that to share with people. Now I just want to tell people that the real stuff outweighs the fake crap every time -Kelly


Take it down a notch


So much needed in my life right now.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with trying to keep up. My house, my kid’s school, my stay at home kid, events, friends, acquaintances, the Kardashians, TIME.

There’s so much going on, but how much of it actually involves ME, MY FAMILY, MY LIFE?

I had a text conversation with a couple friends the other day, and one mentioned something nobody had told me about. So I questioned it and was told that it was shared on Facebook.

I’d previously deactivated my Facebook. Mainly because it’s something else to keep up with. How many of these people are actually part of my real life? A handful or 2 at most. While I would love to know what everyone is up to, I don’t have the time to sit around and catch up on people by scrolling all day and I’ve GOT to break that habit.
If there something I should know, I assume a different avenue will be used to let ME know. Not just letting the world of Facebook know and leaving it up to chance or expectation for a certain person to see. If not, it wasn’t meant for me to know.
Let me tell you, just by doing this I have already felt relief.

My house. I’ve got to get rid of all the things. This has been stressing me so much lately. The kids have too much crap so they can’t focus on what to play with. It ends up being a treasure hunt that results in all of the toys all over the floor instead of their toy bins. I’m planning on keeping only a select amount of things. Move EVERY toy to the game room. Get them out of the house!!
Papers?? What do you do with all of your papers? There are literally papers everywhere…


I cleaned the house for 7 hours on Sunday.
7 HOURS! I got rid of a lot of shit.
This was just from the living, dining, and master bedroom.
I made my husband go through his closet, stuff he doesn’t wear anymore. Get rid of it, because what happens is he’ll go to wear it, put it on, it doesn’t fit, it goes on the floor in the laundry pile and it’s in a never ending loop of being laundered when it’s never been dirtied. I made him get rid of all the socks with holes that he puts on and takes off when he sees the hole and throws on the floor. Same with underwear. I had gone through my closet a while back when i did my capsule wardrobe so I only had a few things to remove from my closet.
Drawers! I threw away a lot of drawer stuff. Old undies, shirts that were being held on to for “around the house/yard work/crafting/sleep” why would I need 124633674787 of those? I don’t. Get rid of it!
We now have 2 EMPTY drawers!
I have space to put away laundry now!!

I went through the laundry piles, to see what is too small, doesn’t get worn, etc. this cut down on the laundry I have to catch up on.
No more toys in mommy and daddy’s room. Maybe we can finally get to the point of having a nice grown up bedroom.
This stresses me out, too. Like why don’t we have a nice bedroom? I’ve got to get to work on that once I’m done with the whole house.

Toys!!! I got rid of a TON of toys. All the little bullshit that comes with other toys, accessories, barbie shoes (let’s be real, there was only 1 of each shoe anyway after a day of having them). Baby toys that the kids don’t play with or are just not on their levels anymore, stuffed animals, stuff that is always left everywhere, blocks that were in the living room when they belong in my daughters room. Tired of asking for them to be picked up, tossed em. We now have 2 HALF FULL shelf bins and a basket for the living room stuffed animals. Praise the lord!
The next day was my daughter’s room, more crap gone. Clothes in the giveaway pile, old socks that don’t fit or have lost their matches, I’m over waiting on them to show back up again. Really, why was I even expecting them to come back from lost sock land??

I still have a long way to go, but my friend walking in and saying “the house looks GOOD, girl!” Was exactly what I needed to hear.

I didn’t start any of this from reading a book or following a plan, I started because it’s one less thing to lose my shit over, and I have been way too stressed out lately.

A cluttered home=a cluttered life. I just can’t do it anymore.

To those of you who always have a clean home, I assume you don’t have as much crap as we do. I’m gonna say you got rid of all your shit when you moved into your home so you didn’t have to do this… it makes me feel better to assume that.

Recently we’ve been talking about finding out what our home value is now, selling (if we would make a profit), and downsizing. Pay off everything. Have a smaller mortgage so we can travel and do things we want to without worrying about being on one income.

Happiness vs. Suffering

I’ve got to work on the happiness…

Declutter. Not just my home but my life.



Becky Phillips

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My world famous secret recipe for Strawberry Jam



March is now over, our days are longer which means later bedtimes, whiny kids and even grumpier parents. Making the adjustment is often hard around here. While the kids and I don’t have to get up to an alarm clock, the hubby still does and 3:45a comes even earlier when it doesn’t get dark until after 8pm.

In Florida, March is also synonymous with strawberries. You will start to see them everywhere. Every corner will have a stand of someone selling flats, the u-pick places are all over and the Strawberry Festival is celebrated with all things fried, colored lights and retired country stars.

Strawberry season means one big thing in my house, jam time. Every year I try to put away about 12 pints of strawberry jam to give as gifts, make pb&j’s with or just eat with a spoon straight out of the jar. I’m not sure which I love better strawberry or muscadine!

I always have fantasy filled dreams of the kids and I singing in the kitchen canning jam together, but really my anxiety kicks them out about the time I start to put the strawberries on the stove. Sometimes I can’t think and mom at the same time. Besides they usually help with the hard part of squishing the berries. This year was no different!

<p><a href=”″>60 Second Film Project {March}</a> from <a href=”″>Momma G Soul</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Wanna know my family secret recipe for making jam?

First, you need a giant pot to process your jars for shelf keeping OR lots of freezer space for freezer jam! There are some handy accessories for hot jars like a jar handler, a long-stemmed magnet and a wide mouth funnel that fits the jars perfectly. All easily found in the canning aisle at Walmart!

I start with 2 flats of strawberries of which half of one is promptly eaten while it’s still sitting on the counter. The rest has the tops cut off and the berries cut into chunks. They are then well hidden in the outside fridge to keep them from grubbing little kid hands.

Next, wash in hot soapy water (or rinse on high in the dishwasher) 24 half pint mason jars. I always try to have extra on hand just in case. I usually dunk the lids in the boiling water right before canning starts to clean them.

You will need a 5lb sack of sugar and I always try to use the surejell low sugar pectin. SureJell has always worked the best for me. You need one box per 12 half pint jars in general.

Mash your fruit for jam or use the fruit processor on your kitchen aid for jelly. I like the bits, so I just use my hands or a potato masher to squeeze the berries.

Then just follow the directions in the package. It’s really pretty darn easy. A few lessons I have learned. Read the directions twice. Measure everything out in advance, stir, stir, keep stirring, and don’t walk away.

Then if you are a Pinterest Mom you can put pretty labels on your jam and give them away in nice baskets to your friends. If you are like me I might write the date on the top and an S to indicate strawberry, but I still give them away to friends. Either way they taste the same! Please let me know in the comments if you try to make our own jam this year or if you have any questions!

Mom and Daughter Selfie

The momma behind Momma Got Soul Photo and Films, Tampa Bay Family Photographer. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a storyteller. I stay up late, try to sleep late, and drink lots of coffee and beer (usually in that order, but not always). I grew up in sunny (which means really hot) central Florida, never go to the beach or Disney, but try to hike in the woods as much as I can. I remember a time when I said I would never photograph people, now that’s all I do. I think it started with wanting to explore the world and capture that to share with people. Now I want to capture people to share with the world. -Kelly

Confessions of an Accounting Wife


My husband works… a lot. When I say a lot, I mean 80+ hour weeks are the norm in our house and travel is a frequent occurrence for our family. My husband, whom I will refer as “Mr. Tax” for the purpose of this article is Tax Director for a public accounting firm. What people don’t realize is that public accounting is 365 days a year operation and while there are certain times throughout the year when my husband is less busy, that simply means he is working a 60+ hour week instead of an 80+ hour week. It’s quite different than individual accounting and has much different deadlines and extensions. My husband has always worked in public accounting for as long as I’ve known him and in order for him to progress in his career, I knew there would need to be a lot of sacrifices from both of us. Mr. Tax sacrifices sleep for the most part and I sacrificed my career when we decided I would stay at home with our children. The only members of our family who haven’t sacrificed anything are our children. They’re key players in our family, because we are firm believers that their childhood should never have to suffer as a result of their dad’s career choice.

On average, Mr. Tax arrives home between 6:30-7:30pm during the week. More often than not, we eat dinner together at least 5 nights a week. By 2018 standards, that is more than average, but sitting at the table together every night has always been a priority for us. This gives all five of us time to talk as a family and keeps us grounded. Are the afternoons a little crazy with homework and after school activities? Absolutely. The thing all five of us seem to look forward to the most is gathering at the dinner table to eat dinner and share our days with one another.

Like I mentioned before, our children have never suffered as a result of the long hours and frequent travel. Like most parents, our three children are our top priority. Mr. Tax is fortunate to work for a firm that prides itself on “work/life balance.” The benefits are fantastic and the support the firm provides for its families is incredible. Mr. Tax has missed the occasional parent/teacher conference or doctor appointment, but we prioritize which school activities, doctor appointments and other functions are most important. At the end of the day, they all know they can count on both of us to be there when they need us. They also understand that their daddy works hard to provide for his family and their mommy works hard to make sure the household functions properly. When Mr. Tax is away or if he’s working late at the office, we make it a point to Face Time with him before the girls go to bed. Just because daddy is away or working late, doesn’t mean he doesn’t have time to hear about their day.

Don’t get me wrong; there are some amazing perks to Mr. Tax’s job. For example, last October the two of us took our first, real trip away from the kids to Vegas. It was technically a work trip because Mr. Tax was promoted and spouses were required to attend training sessions along with the employee, but an all expense paid trip to Vegas? Yes, please! It was really great to meet and commiserate with other accounting spouses, as well as gain perspective on new expectations of my husband and possible new expectations of me. Our family also gets to attend a yearly conference hosted by Mr. Tax’s firm at Disney World. During the day, he will teach clients about the latest and greatest in his niche of public accounting while the girls and I live it up at the resort and parks. There is even a family night that includes a big dinner for attendees and their families, complete exclusive Disney character meet and greets and a dessert party on the docks of The Grand Floridian Resort. It’s the little perks like these that make the job a little more bearable.


Preparation is very important to our family. Each Sunday, the entire family prepares themselves for the week. For my husband and I, this means going over the upcoming week (including if outside childcare is needed for the week) and making sure everything is in place for the week (clean uniforms, groceries, meal planning, after school activities, doctor appointments, etc.). For the girls, this means making sure their rooms are tidy and reviewing their school agendas. When all five of us are organized and prepared for the week, things run smoother. Preparation continues throughout the week in the morning and at night. While setting schedules are important, frequent reminders are helpful in making sure Mr. Tax and I don’t miss anything. We communicate constantly to make sure everything is accounted for (full pun intended). The easiest way for our family to quickly communicate is via texting. The old adage, “if it’s not documented, it didn’t happen” hold true for our family so we prefer to text and email when we are discussing and fine tuning our schedule.

As I write this, I’m enjoying a quite evening at home while my girls sleep peacefully in their beds. Mr. Tax is traveling this week for work and will also be traveling next week for work. Since having children, I have begun to enjoy the solitude during the evenings after the girls go to bed and Mr. Tax is traveling or working late. I pour myself a glass of cheap champagne, catch up on terrible reality TV and unwind after a long day. Of course, this doesn’t occur until everything is prepped for the next day.

Here are some tips that have proven to be helpful for our family in managing Mr. Tax’s work schedule and our busy family schedule:

  1. Prioritize! Make a list of what is most important for your family. By prioritizing it helps everyone communicate what is most/least important.
  2. Keep a calendar! An electronic calendar isn’t my forté so I keep an old fashion, hand written calendar on the wall of our kitchen and my husband adds his work commitments to our calendar.
  3. Face Time and Skype! Absence makes the heart grow fonder, but this certainly does not apply to children. Make it a point to talk and see each other daily.
  4. Communicate! If something important is happening next week, make a point to discuss it as a family so that expectations are clear.
  5. Organization! Prepare for the week the Sunday before and spend time each evening to prepare everyone for the next day.


Community Spotlight: Waterset in Apollo Beach

wall Capture

Waterset is not your parents’ cookie-cutter neighborhood.  You do not hear the song “Little Boxes” as you drive along these streets.  This exciting Newland Communities master-planned development is currently home to nearly 1,000 beautifully crafted homes, with amenities the whole family will love.

First opening in 2012, builders are currently in Phase 3 of construction in this desirable Apollo Beach community.  There is a large selection of floor plans available among seven builders selected by Newland to deliver quality new-build homes to residents.  If you prefer a move-in-ready home, there are a number of inventory homes and resale homes also available.  Continue reading to find out why once you move in to Waterset, you may never want to leave home again!

Located south of Big Bend Road between US 41 and Interstate 75, the first thing you’ll notice upon turning on Waterset Boulevard, is the scenic half-mile tree-lined drive into the community.   Pride of ownership is displayed throughout Waterset, with clean streets and common areas, well-maintained homes and yards, and outstanding amenities.

Waterset Amenities

The Landing


The Landing Club & Café is the social hub of Waterset.  Complete with a staffed information center and meeting room, The Landing Club & Café offers residents and visitors a delectable café menu of made-to-order food, smoothies, and drinks including a selection of wine and beer.

blog landing cafe IMG_2714

Designed with a modern flair, there are several tables and booths available for patrons, as well as an area with two couches.  Perhaps best of all, there is an area dedicated to children, loaded with toys, books, and games.   That’s right; parents and friends can gather and relax while the children entertain themselves indoors without making a mess in your home.  Grab a glass or mug, sit back, and relax!

Just outside, the Landing also includes a fitness center, shade pavilion, outdoor playground, community pool, and a pier overlooking a lake.

blog landing outdoor IMG_2708

But wait, Waterset offers even more…

The Lakeside

Centrally located within Waterset is another set of amenities, appropriately named The Lakeside.  Situated next to a 32-acre lake, this fun spot includes a children’s splash zone (two actually; one large and one smaller splash pad), a spacious playground for children of all ages, a dog park, outdoor fit stations, a picnic area with grills, plenty of lounge chairs for sunning, and benches or hammocks for relaxing in the shade.  The Lakeside is also home to the Grand Lawn, where community events are held, including concerts and parties such as the fabulous Independence Day celebration, Concerts for a Cause, Wine Down Friday, and more.


Playground at The Lakeside in Waterset

blog pano splash IMG_3222

blog pano splashpad IMG_3214

Splash Pad at The Lakeside in Waterset

What more could you ask for?  Well, I’m glad you asked…

Future Waterset Club

Located on the southern end of Waterset, construction has begun on another massive play area for families.  The Waterset Club is scheduled to open in 2018 and will include 2 resort-style pools (a lap pool, and a larger pool with slides), another indoor fitness center, tennis and basketball courts, pickle ball, game room, and gathering room.

blog waterset club rendering IMG_3256

Rendering for the future Waterset Club amenities

Scattered Throughout

Waterset has plenty of scenery with many bodies of water, an abundance of trees, and large green spaces to run and play.  This pedestrian-friendly community has small parks located among the neighborhoods, and miles of trails throughout the community, perfect for walking or jogging.  The Fit Trail is a 2.5 mile trail featuring six outdoor fit stations with exercise equipment.

Area Schools

If you’re familiar with Apollo Beach, you’ve likely heard praises about SouthShore Montessori Preschool located within Waterset.  Kids-R-Kids Learning Academy has a daycare/VPK campus nestled in Waterset, plus another location just outside of the community, across Big Bend Road.  Waterset Charter School (Kindergarten – 8th grade) is nearby, as well as Doby Elementary, Eisenhower Middle School, and East Bay High School.  There is also a proposed school site within the southeastern corner of Waterset for future plans.

Apollo Beach Growth

Waterset will continue to grow, with Newland planning to build up through Phase 5 of construction with approximately 5,000 homes total, possibly up to 6,000.  Also on the drawing board for the future, are plans for a Town Center site and a proposed County Sports Complex site.  Waterset is a shining star in Apollo Beach, attracting more commerce to the area.  You will find plenty of shopping, restaurants, businesses, schools, daycares, and medical facilities nearby.  St. Joseph’s Hospital South and the YMCA South County are relatively new to Apollo Beach and are less than three miles away from Waterset.  Travel in the opposite direction, and you will find the TECO Manatee Viewing Center, also only a couple miles away.  Work in the city?  Downtown Tampa is a 20-mile drive via Interstate 75 and the Selmon Expressway.

The Homes

builders models and prices capture

(Current Watersest Builders. Information subject to change.)

Current New-Build Inventory

There are many inventory homes available now or in the very near future.  Current builder inventory homes range from 1,524 to 3,518 square feet, and are priced between the $230s and $450s.

Current MLS Resale Listings

Active resale listings are currently priced between $212,900 and $550,000, ranging in square footage from 1,747 to 4,028.  Some of these homes even include a private pool. These are not new-build homes; I call them pre-loved.


Waterset offers single family homes, townhomes, and villas.  This is a HOA and CDD community, with a fee schedule dependent upon the type of home and lot size.
– 2017 Annual HOA, $73
– 2016-2017 CDD Fiscal Year Fees, range from $965 to $3,076
– 2017 Limited Maintenance Homes, annual fees range from $1,056 to $2,149

Feature Resident

I want to send a special thank you to Everyday Moms member Julie Ann P. who so graciously showed me around her community of Waterset.  Julie Ann currently resides here with her family and is also building a beautiful new home through Homes by Westbay.  She explained that her favorite feature of Waterset is the community involvement.  There is so much to do in Waterset with all the amenities and special events, but the people are more than just residents, they are a true community.  They communicate and cooperate to make living here a wonderful experience – and it shows.

blog IMG_2681

Julie Ann and her daughter with their new-construction home

Just for Everyday Moms

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As your Everyday Moms Real Estate Contributor, I am planning an exclusive small group tour of the Waterset community in the upcoming months. Please contact me today to be included in the group. We will explore the community amenities and builder models, and discuss all that Waterset has to offer while enjoying lunch on-site at The Landing Café, provided free of charge. Limited space is available for this tour; however, I can also assist you individually. Contact me at for more information.  I am a licensed Florida Real Estate Agent.

What does community mean to you?

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I am highlighting some of the most sought-after communities in the Tampa Bay Area, as well as some of the smaller hidden gems around us. Do you love your neighborhood? Contact me to share your community experience for a chance to be featured in our Everyday Moms Community Spotlight blog.

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