Boys will be Boys & Girls will be Punished

Written by: Jessica Cook


I received a call from my daughter, saying that I needed to bring her a change of clothes to school. She had been dress coded. It’s not what you would think when I say “dress coded”. She didn’t go out of the house looking like she was going to work the corner. She had a pair of ripped jeans on. Now if any of you have been to the mall recently, you would know that’s it’s dang near impossible to find a pair of jeans that DO NOT have some sort of a rip on them. Aside from that, it’s what’s in style! Of course my 13 year old wants to dress the latest trends. So what is a parent to do? Fight the system.

I’m sure some of you will not agree with me and that is fine. I’m not fighting the system so that my daughter can wear whatever she wants to school. Yes, I do agree that some sort of dress code needs to be in place. However, what I do not agree with is the nit picking of what FEMALE students are wearing. There have been comments made by those who enforce the dress code that ripped jeans, tank tops, shirts that show even a little cleavage & shirts that show even a bit of skin worn by female students are a distraction to Male students. Hmm…..have you never been a hormonal teenager in general? No matter the sex? Are female students not as easily distracted by male student’s legs, arms, chests, etc? Why is it only the females who are a distraction? I will break down the double standard, with Proof, of how male & female students are treated differently. Below are a few examples of what male students at a local Middle school have been allowed to wear, in comparison to photos of female students who had been dress coded for wearing something similar.

On the left, a female Student was Dress coded for rips above her knee.

On the right, a male student has worn these pants multiple times with no implications whatesoever.

First of all, I do not see a problem with EITHER of these pairs of pants. Secondly, the male’s holes are much more prominent than the female’s holes. Why then did only the female student have to call her parents in the middle of HER school day to come & bring her a change of clothes? Tell me how in this scenario, did this EFFECT the Male Student’s School day? Seems to me the only one who ended up distracted, effecting their schooling in the least bit, was the female student.

Another example of where a female student was dress coded for ripped jeans & a Male student wearing similar jeans was not.

Another example of breaking the dress code is student’s wearing “short shorts”. NO, I do not condone itty bitty booty shorts on students, no matter if they are female or male. But it seems like it is almost impossible for girls to wear any type of shorts, skirts or dresses to school. However, boys are allowed to wear basketball type athletic shorts. Why are girls not allowed to wear running shorts? There is also a new style out for boys where short shorts are “IN”. Yet, these boys are not being dress coded.

Female Student on left wearing gym shorts that she was dress coded for & made to change.

Male student on right wearing gym shorts 3 out of the 5 days of the week & never being dress coded.

What’s even more sad is that even BOYS are noticing the double standard and poking fun of it. There is a popular ap called, Tik Tok. If you type in the search bar, Dress Code, multiple videos of boys poking fun at how Teachers ONLY dress code females can be found.


There are also several petitions made BY students of both genders,circling popular Social Media aps asking for school boards to reevaluate their dress code policies, as well as enforce equality amoungest current dress code policies.

Why am I doing this you ask? This honestly has nothing to do with the isolated incident of my daughter being dress coded. This is just a way to help give her and her friends a VOICE. A voice to advocate and inform on the reality of what’s happening within the schools regarding dress code violations.

I’ll be doing a follow up blog on today’s fashion, local popular and trendy stores, as well as more examples from students themselves on the hypocrisy that is the dress code for male & female students.

Next Up on the blog………How local fashion and what is made available at popular clothing stores make it damn near impossible to follow current dress code guidelines.


8Hi! My name is Jessica and I am a Full time Mom of three. I have two teenagers and an 8 year old Autism Warrior!I own Everyday moms, a local Mom’s resource for the Tampa Bay & surrounding areas. If I’m not taxing around to Cheer, football, tutoring or therapy; you can catch me at Everyday Moms on Facebook & Instagram.

Dressing for the Cold

Hey guys. As my mom would say “It’s colder than a witch’s tit on the 1st of November” right now. At first I was so inspired by the cooler weather. Getting to layer and pull out that jacket I bought 3 years ago but never got to wear was exciting, but day by day it’s gotten much harder to get dressed in the mornings. I have been shopping everywhere lately to stock up on sweaters, cardigans and beanies to keep myself warm, so I wanted to put together a few outfit ideas for you ladies to keep you cute in the cold. I’ll also be sharing some of the best places to grab cute winter clothes for a great deal.


Bring on the layers! I piled a great cream chunky cable knit tunic sweater over a chambray button down with faux leather leggings for a casual outing with my husband. Lately I’ve been living in these super comfy Sketcher’s Flatform Sneakers because they give me a little height without making my feet hurt like a wedge does. I snagged this sweater in my Stitchfix a few months ago but here is a great dupe I found for it for only $20 at Target! Also these faux leather leggings are so great, I have the Spanx version which is a little pricer (but my cellulite says it was worth it), but I did find a great pair on Zulily too, they go with everything as far as layering goes, and are a little warmer than typical cotton leggings because the fabric isn’t as breathable.



Remember that jacket I was talking about never being able to wear?! Here it is! Bust out your moto jackets! Honestly this whole look makes me feel like such a badass person that I can only wear it once a month or else my sass levels might rise too high. I paired it over a red Express sweater that’s on sale for $35 in store right now and these adorable velvet shorts that look super cute with tights. Personally I don’t do a ton of shorts outfits because I hate my legs, but being able to disguise them with tights really helps me out! I finished this look off with some moto boots to match the jacket and it was so easy to walk out the door while staying warm all day!


Comfy and Casual. I just posted details on this hoodie on my personal blog, but this sweater is all my weekend feels! It’s only $20 at Target, I love wearing it with leggings, but it’s not “length appropriate” for leggings in my book so I’ve been layering it with oversized button downs to keep my ass covered, literally. Also I can’t get enough of these adorable woven beanies with the pom poms on top! They are so fun and basically match every casual outfit you have, plus at only $8 at Target, it’s not like you’re wasting a ton of money if it happens to be 80 degrees again next week.


Add a Pop of Color. I found this Barbie pink sweater at Express ($30 on sale right now) and I LOVE it! Anytime I wear it I get tons of compliments on how fun it is, and it really does just make me feel so fun and feminine. It can be worn layered with a cami like I have it here, or pulled slightly off one shoulder for a more “sexy” look. For those not into the hot pink it comes in about 6 other colors as well and it is SO warm! The balloon sleeves add a little trendiness that I really love in easy pieces and it’s a great option for a Valentine’s day look for a class party, day date, Galentine’s Wine Night, etc!


I wanted to include a few dressier looks for those working Mama’s out there! This a great sheer bodysuit (actually it’s legit lingerie from Victoria’s Secret) that I paired with a cami and this cute pink skirt from Target! The skirt has pockets so obviously it’s a huge winner in my book, and it made from a poly blend, so it’s a little heavier than your typical skater skirt. Since I was pairing two solids together with the black and fuchsia, I added a leopard belt and boots for that pop of texture/pattern I like all my outfits to have!


Another dressier option is to pair black tights with a black skirt and black boots for a really warm yet flirty outfit. I added a faux fur vest & bell sleeved sweater (express $17 on sale right now) to keep me super warm while looking super cool. I really encourage you to find a faux fur vest if you don’t already have one. I’ve had this specific one for a little over 3 years now. They hold up really well since you don’t wear them a TON, so one will last you for a long time and it’s a great way to add some warmth and texture to an outfit if you’re feeling jazzy!


Last but not least, is basically my daily uniform. Cami, Jeans, Mules & a Cardi. This open front white thermal cardi was only $25 at Express with their extra 40% off clearance sale right now and I LOVE it! It’s so soft and so perfect for lounging around in. These lace satin cami’s have been super popular lately and I can see why. Since buying this pink one last week at Target for $17 I’ve probably worn it like 4 different ways so far, and ordered the black version online. The web sizing is limited but keep a look out for it in your Target because it’s so versatile and you’ll be able to use it season after season!

Hope that helps you keep cute warm this Florida “winter” ❤

Mom Style

For those of you who like myself, are always saying :

“I’m not like a regular Mom, I’m a cool Mom.”

Happy Fri-YAY Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve contributed here, so let me reintroduce myself! I’m Brittany, an almost 29 year old mom of two boys. I just got my real estate license, I’m a serial baker, and serious shopper. I also run a blog,, where I talk about all things fashion, Pinterest projects, and recipes.


A big important factor to me, coming from the fashion industry and transitioning into full-time motherhood, was that I still maintained my sense of self (to some degree) while giving my all to my family.


I’ve found the best way to do this, is by maintaining my beauty regime and putting on a great outfit everyday regardless of my plans for the day. Let’s be real- I know that I don’t have time to contour my face everyday, and I wipe my make-up off before bed with baby wipes more often than using the fancy charcoal mask I bought at LUSH on a #treatyoself binge, but it’s putting in that extra 15-20 minutes on myself that I think helps maintain my sanity at times!


Each week I’m going to talk about a current fashion, beauty, or home trend that I am loving, that’s really easy for us moms to pull together on our Target budgets. This week I’m going to talk about a really hot trend that I can’t get enough of: OTS (off-the-shoulder) tops.


I scooped this top up off the sale rack at Forever 21 for $8.99, and while it’s sold out, I’ve linked some adorable and affordable similar options for you ladies at the bottom of the post. This top is perfect for a date night or a day out with girlfriends. Heck, I mean you can just take your flyyy self on over to Target and strut if you can’t find any other reason to wear it out! 😉 It’s super flowy, so it allows for a lot of room for tacos, and the elastic on the neckline keeps it in place, so you don’t have to worry about any wardrobe malfunctions.


I paired this OTS top with the MOST COMFORTABLE pair of jeans in the world. Quick back story- I do personal shopping with some clients in the area, and every.single.woman from size 2-20 has looked amazing in these jeans. They are the Mid-Rise Rockstar Super Skinny from Old Navy. There are a ton of different washes and rises available between $25-50 online, and they are so worth it!


Distressed black jeans are VERY in right now, so I grabbed these along with a few other washes when Old Navy was having a great online sale (I’m 4’10”, so I always have to order short lengths online). Since I was going to lunch with my sister, I threw on some fringe booties. While they have a great heel, they are also really comfortable and super easy to walk in, so I loved the way they dressed up the look. However, you could easily wear this kind of outfit a little more laid back with a soft pink lip, and sandals or ballet flats.

What are some trends you’ve been looking to try this season? Tell me below!

“Dress” like you are hot (but really not in this heat)!

By: Kelly Roque

Dress Shop Image 1

     We all know when the “summer” truly hits our sunshine state, the last thing we successfully accomplish is looking fashionable.  Or how about I say, the last thing we feel like is fashionable (or at least the majority of us).  I at times fear the mirror after the hustle and bustle of running my boys around (boys= son and husband), running to the store, running errands and just always running.  I think I can actually feel my makeup sliding off of my face like candle wax and my clothing stick to me like a garbage bag.  However! This does not stop me from trying, in fact, it can be my day’s challenge.  One thing I’ve tried not to loose is looking presentable in the heat (even if I’m the only one that believes I indeed look presentable and favoring sitting in an air conditioned space like a mannequin…ha)!

There comes that dreaded time where you have to get dressed and it is south of 85 degrees outside of your door, weather it be to your Uber job (we are all Uber drivers to the loved ones in our life, no pun intended of course), your office job, a play date or a cool brunch.  So what is the top pick for these days when living in an inferno, alas…a dress of course! Yes…this is far from rocket science but a staple piece that is much alive and easy to achieve.  When it comes to maximum ventilation, the perfectly fitted dress is my #1 choice.  I myself like to go crazy with colors and patterns but cotton is typically my go to.  Being an advocate and owner of organic and sustainable clothing for women, organic cotton is definitely something to choose when looking for favorite finds.  Especially in the heat, it is soft and truly absorbs any moisture throughout the day.  Of course it is not always available when choosing your favorite dresses, so plain ole cotton works just well.  Please…please and please again, stay away from any poly’s and rayons (100% that is, a mix is fine though) because you will find yourself like that garbage bag I’ve mentioned.  Materials are key when it comes to the heat.

Plaid Dress

     Again- you can’t go wrong with a dress but you can if it is continued to be paired with the basic flip flop.  I know we all love a flip flop but change it up a bit and loose the mindset of “if I can’t wear flip flops…I’m not going!” Throw on a sandal sometimes  (note: a flip flop is not necessarily a sandal).  Now, if you are attending an event weather it be day or evening, a small wedge or heel will give any dress and YOU a few more points, I promise.  Don’t always flip and flop, give your leg muscles a run in something elevated, plus you will feel like you look…which is sexy and quite amazing! Speaking of what not to do,  I see soooooo many beauties walking around in exercise clothing and I think to myself, Yep! I am guilty too but I just cannot continue to choose exercising cloths as my “dress.”  At least not everyday that is.  First of all, I feel that it screams “look at me…I have to take Jimmy, Johnny and all of the kids to soccer.”  It has become the obvious choice of mom identity (no ladies- I am not saying we shouldn’t show our mom identity but at times, actual girly/ whimsical/ women’s clothing can make a difference and accent your personality even better verses the neighborhood women’s uniform of exercise clothes).  Lets admit, we are not all running and working out the way we are wearing these work- out clothes.  My husband actually notices this with women and has commented on those that are definitely not exercising but have chosen to replace Under Armor and Nike with their dresses.  It is warranted for some functions but not everyday and for everything (just saying’…we know who we are, I can be guilty at times myself).

Outside of the “dress,” there is a list for this summer that is sure to steer you in the right direction as either a stay at home mom or an office warrior:

Maxi Dresses– Always in, so buy a couple.

Lightweight Denim– Oh this is my fav (weather it be a dress, bottoms or a top).

Cold or exposed shoulders– Now, it took me awhile to accept this one since I felt like a gypsy when I bought my first top.  Can I say how many compliments I got when I wore it.  A winner!

Tanks– We live in the south so this is a no brainer but have fun with them and choose some patterns and stripes.

Skirts– Choose the skirt with pleats please.  Minimal pleats but get some pleats this summer.  When is the last time you wore a skirt (if recent, kudos to you then)!

Comfy Bottoms– Yes, loose bottoms, preferably with a paper bag waste are totally in right now!  The great thing is they can be worn like sweats and won’t stick to your thighs.  🙂

Fab fabrics this summer include patchwork patterns, gingam and stripes.  Let me tell you, I am a patchwork gingam gal…I challenge you to try these fabrics, you will be sure to be noticed.

So- the next time you are wondering what to wear in this heat for just about anything, find “that dress” and rock it like it’s your exercise clothing!

With lots of summer love ♥-

K. Roque



image1 I’m Kelly, busy mother of one amazing son and a wife to an awesome husband.  Our family of three loves any and all things family and each one of us contributes dearly to the life we’re enjoying together.  We live in the Fishhawk area and value our time spent surrounded by other great families and friends.  I am a WFHM by trade and a writer and entrepreneur by heart. My pass time is an obsession for fashion, home and interior decorating. 



Fashion Tips for Busy Moms

   By: Samantha Jade Minor
   Mom is a title that carries a lot of weight and is full of so much responsibility. We spend most of our days tending to the needs of others, we can easily forget about our own needs and ourselves. As moms we tend to look as exhausted as we feel, but we don’t have to. With just a few basic pieces of clothing, some accessories and a little time, you can look like an off duty model instead of an on duty mom.
   Let’s start with the basics. Believe it or not a pair of great fitting jeans and a simple t-shirt is the foundation for a put together look. When choosing your denim go for what is comfortable to you. If you’re not into the latest trends, then don’t attempt them. Hey, distressed denim is not for everyone. Your t-shirt can be a plain solid color or it can be a vintage band tee, just make sure it’s not too tight, too short or too long.  I like mine to go to mid hip.
   If you’re running around doing errands with the kids opt for cute and comfortable shoes. My favorites are white low top converse. They are comfy, easy to clean and always in style.
   I stopped using diaper bags a long time ago. Big bulky bags with characters on them just didn’t cut it for me. Instead, I just carry a large purse with me that can double as a diaper bag. The key is it has to have a lot of inside compartments.
   The next step is makeup. Now I know what you’re thinking, “Where am I going to find the time to apply makeup?” Have a “go to” look. A signature look is a real time saver. Once you’ve done it so many times you begin to get into a rhythm and it becomes second nature to you. What may have started out as a 30-minute process can become 10 once you’ve mastered it.
   To take your look from day to night is easier than you’d think. Simply dress it up with a pair of heels and a statement necklace.
   I hope you find this advice to be of some help. Give it a try and I bet all the moms at the next PTA meeting will be wanting to know how you look so good!
pexels-photo 4
IMG_17781 I’m Samantha a mom to seven very unique kids ages 2 – 18. My husband and I moved the family from Arizona to Florida in 2013. I’m a lifestyle blogger, makeup artist and fashion designer. Everything I do is to help women look and feel good about themselves.