CBD & Motherhood

Motherhood is hard.

I used to be an overly social, happy person before kids. Then the anxiousness, irritability, and an overwhelming sensation took over. Maybe it was lack of sleep, maybe it was hormones, maybe it was because my munchkins would never give me 5 seconds to eat a meal.

Who knows!

I just know that after birthing my two chaotic boys, I needed help. I was drowning in all of these negative emotions, and I didn’t feel like myself anymore. I had been on several medications for my mental stability, but nothing seemed to make things better without giving me added issues. This is when I searched for more natural alternatives.


A friend of mine introduced me to CBD oil, a hemp extract with all the medicinal benefits of cannabis but without the high.

I thought to myself “HA! I’ve never done drugs. I don’t want to start now” Turns out, it’s a dietary supplement that is legal in all 50 states. (Who knew? I felt silly).

This was 6 months ago. I want to tell you how it’s changed not only my life, but my family as well.

Two weeks into using full spectrum CBD oil under my tongue twice a day, I felt like a new person. It balanced my moods completely. I no longer felt anxious, overwhelmed, irritable, etc. I could enjoy my kids without screaming at them for no reason. I felt like I could resume social dates with friends without that last minute “something came up” panic text.

Two months after being on the oil, I realized I hadn’t had any pulsating inflammation in my head in awhile. I couldn’t remember the last time I needed an ice pack, or to sit in the dark.

Once I realized how well this helped me, I started everyone else on the oil. My husband suffers some a traumatic experience which causes him irritability and difficulty sleeping. The first night he used the oil, he slept with no body sweats, screaming fits or any tenseness/twitching.  I couldn’t believe the change I saw in him. My son has a difficult time focusing as he fidgets a lot, and is naturally very impulsive. He struggled in Kindergarten last year due to these traits. After finding a serving size that works for him, it drastically helped him focus and control his impulsive reactions. In his words, CBD makes him “good”. My dogs also use CBD oil in their food, and get beef CBD treats at night to help their anxiousness. They love to bark at strangers and other animals, and would occasionally get nervous during storms. When they get CBD, they are completely mellow.


Overall, this hemp extract has given all of us a better night’s sleep and more energy.  I can’t recommend this enough. I love it so much, I am now an advocate to help others struggling like I was.

Not all CBD oil is going to be created equally though. DO YOUR RESEARCH!
Ask yourself: 
Where was this grown? 
How was it extracted?   
What are the ingredients?
Is it an Isolate or Full Spectrum?

Do they third party test for purity and potency? Am I able to see those results?
Does it come with a money back guarantee?

If you would like to learn more about the product I use, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me via Facebook or Instagram. I absolutely love talking about it.

Why I Will Always Buy Stuff from my Friends First

By: Regan Burke

Why wouldn’t I? I mean let’s be real here – direct sellers get a bad rap sometimes. I see it on a daily basis in my news feed. From blog posts to memes, there are plenty of resources dedicated to the bashing and/or shaming of “the biz” of selling stuff to your “friends”. But why? Why would anyone not want to support the mom of two boys on traveling soccer teams rather than the big box store?

To be quite honest, I just don’t get it.

I am not talking about buying things I wouldn’t probably buy already. I am not talking about buying truly junky things that I do not need or wish to possess. I am talking about buying things that make my house smell good from a Scentsy rep instead of Target. I am talking about purchasing makeup from a Younique or Mary Kay rep instead of going to Ulta or the mall. Yes, maybe it would be super simple to stroll through Target and pick up everything I could need or want – and yes, I might have to wait or even drive to meet someone to get my item from a rep, but to me – it is totally worth it to help out a fellow mom.

Here’s why:

  • Nine times out of ten, that rep is a parent, just trying to support a family just like I am. Yes, occasionally those incessant posts about that fabulous product can absolutely seem a little over the top and salesy, but the overall goal of that person is one that I can completely relate to.
  • The products are almost always pretty awesome. I have loved my skin care line from Rodan and Fields. My skin looks fabulous but the added bonus is that I get to help a mom stay home with her two boys. Win-win!
  • I actually like the in-home parties when I am able to go. I get to meet new people, and wine – there’s almost always wine involved. But seriously, who doesn’t like to shop with other grown-ups while also supporting a friend? Again win-win!
  • Buying things online is also amazing when you have a village of small people like myself. Plus wine – there’s usually wine involved their too, and pj’s. I call this a triple win since I can not shop at the mall in piece, with wine, or in my pajamas. I mean I could, but it’s probably frowned upon.

lula             mk             scentsy            31

In all seriousness, I think of making my purchases through people I know because I feel that it is always good to empower other women who are just trying to do the same as the rest of us – survive. Think of the motive behind the actions rather than viewing them like we all view the kiosk person at the mall or the used car salesman. So go ahead, get next year’s mother’s day present from your Premier Jewelry rep and give that person’s child their next ballet lesson. I assure you, the mall won’t miss that one purchase but you will do something amazing for another family just like your while also receiving something you probably would have bought anyway. Remember they win, and so do you!