Quick 5 Minute Wreath Switch up

With the season change upon us, I’ve seen a lot of people ready to decorate for fall.
One of my favorite things to do is switch up my base wreath. This wreath stays on the door all year round, and to me, there’s just something welcoming about a door wreath.
A couple years ago, I made my base wreath out of burlap and a wire wreath base from the $1 store. You can find about a million tutorials on YouTube to do this, and it was super easy to do.
I headed back to the dollar store and picked up a hand full of things for $5 plus tax.
I am no master decorator, but I think it looks pretty good for taking 5 minutes to do.
I wrapped and tucked the fall leaves garland around my whole wreath and adjusted, pulled off some leaves as needed.
Added my sign to the middle. I just hang the sign on the wreath holder and tuck it into the burlap.
And clipped on the cute pumpkins!
Instant fall decor.
Now all I have to do is take a magic eraser to my front door!!
                       Becky Phillips
                           mom of 2
         You can find more of my posts at Workingwifemommalife.wordpress.com

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