EM’s August Momprenuer Spotlight: Bridge Bowtique


Bridge Bowtique Owner, Christina started her business 3 years ago. In her own words, she tells you her Why?………..

“For 10 years I was a local first grade teacher. In 2012 we were finally blessed with our son Gavin. A few years later his health began to decline. His medical needs and care came first so I resigned from teaching. 

A year or so went by and we realized returning to the classroom wasn’t an option. It wouldn’t be fair to Gavin or a classroom of kiddos. However, I still felt the need to be productive and support the medical costs associated with Gavin’s health needs. I tutored for a while, but ultimately decided I needed something with more flexibility. I’ve always been crafty and after hosting a baby shower for a friend which included handmade baby bows the idea came to me.

Bridge Bowtique allows me the flexibility to attend to my child as well as feel like I’m contributing in a financial way to my family. It has also allowed me the ability to give back to organizations near to my heart by donating baskets of bows to be used as raffle items. This month marks 3 years since I started the business. I now have a fully operational website and can ship across the country. I love interacting with the moms who stop by and shop. I’ve formed true friendships that would have most likely never happened by meeting so many wonderful people! Most important, I’m here for my child. During hospital inpatient stays and long infusion days I’m able to sit next to him and sew bows while watching movies or playing games.

I’m very blessed and grateful for the love and support that so many have shown my little business ❤️

If you would like to learn more about Bridge Bowtique & check out her variety of awesome Bows,  please visit her website at Bridgebowtique.com.

You can also follow along on Facebook at Bridge Bowtique, where she is running a giveaway for a chance to win a free bow a month for a year!



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