Grow Your Own Pineapples

We’re beginning our sixth year of growing pineapples in our yard.  It is the simplest form of “gardening” I’ve ever had success with, and you can do it too!

I began this pineapple pastime by planting a single pineapple top when my son was an infant, and by the time he was two years old he was able to pick his very own pineapple!  We now have about 20 plants throughout our yard, and another 9 ready to plant in the ground.  I’ve given away at least 10 plants in the last 18 months.  If you add it all up, that’s nearly 50 pineapples in six years!  Do I really need all these pineapples?  No, but my son and neighborhood kids love finding ready-to-pick pineapples in our yard.  Plus, they taste so good, so why not?!

I am sharing some clips and tips from our pineapple timeline, and I’ll include how-to instructions at the end.  I hope you’ll follow along so you can experience the sweet rewards!

September 2013 – My first plant is finally growing a pineapple!  It took two years to get to this point and I never did anything to take care of it!  It’s beautiful!

Sept 14 2013 first pineapple ever Sept 14 2013 took a couple years since planted top

January 2014 – Yay!  Our grown-from-a-top pineapple is finally ready to eat!

Jan 14 2014 first pineapple

March 2015 – Surprise! My pineapple plant is producing THREE pineapples at once!  It has been 15 months since the first solitary pineapple.

3 babies

I did not realize a pineapple plant could produce more than one fruit.  I always heard that it would only make one pineapple.  Turns out, the original stalk from the first plant will not produce another pineapple, but I did some research and discovered that slips and suckers develop – which are basically regrowth from the same plant – and those will produce new pineapples! Even better – these were ready in only 12 months!

July 2017 – They look so pretty inside as we wait for them to turn yellow.  I prefer to pick them when they are fully yellow, but sometimes the weight of the fruit causes them to snap off more easily.  No biggie.

3 pineapples

Summer 2018 – Pineapples are still popping up in the yard.  They are oh-so delicious and make a perfect summer snack!


Below are the steps I take to grow my own pineapples.  There are various methods, but this is what has worked best for us.

Step 1 – TWIST off the crown of the pineapple and peel off the bottom few layers of leaves. This will expose tiny little nubs, which are tiny roots!  You can see the center leaves are still healthy, but I’ve even had success with some that are not so fresh.  I also like to trim off the brown tips from the leaves, but it’s not necessary.

Step 2 – Dig a tiny hole in the ground and insert the bottom of the crown, so the roots are in the ground.  Potting soil is optional.  I’ve also just plopped it in regular ground dirt.  Mulch is also optional.

Step 3 – That’s it!  Wait for it to grow!  Your first plant will take about 2 years to produce a single pineapple, then they multiply from there.  Once your plant is established and producing little slips/suckers on the side of the original stalk, you can gently twist those slips/suckers off and replant them to grow additional plants.

Happy growing!

About me..


I am a homeschooling mom of a first grader and have been with my husband for 18 years. As a life-long resident of Hillsborough County, it wasn’t until after I had my son that my love for this area was truly realized. Motherhood brought life experiences to a new level; with so much to do here and with community connections growing stronger than ever, this is a wonderful place to call home. I am a USF graduate with a background in finance and real estate. As a local Mom and Realtor® with Keller Williams Realty, I am able to share my love and knowledge of the entire Tampa Bay Area with you!

The mom I thought I would be

The mom I thought I would be


When I was 24 and pregnant with my firt son, I had so many ideas of the mom I would be.

And they were all wrong!

It may suprise you to read that I wanted to be a working mother. I dont know that that is the norm at our current time. I had visions of going to my amazing job and contributing to my household monetarily. Until I had to take him to daycare for the first time.

I remember the first time he came down with an ear infection – and I was faced the with the wrecking mom guilt again. Because I had to work (and I did have to) I had to take this perfect sweet, amazing blonde baby to daycare and subject him to germs and other people’s care. I was continuously having to choose between my primal instict as a mother and helping provide for my family. It sucked.

Fast forward to having a 7 month old and SURPRISE I’m pregnant again. Two kids in 15 months – I cried! Now I would have to haul two of them into daycare, twice as much sickness, twice as much in daycare payments. I had never wanted to be a stay at home more in my entire life. The thought was laughable, really. Did I posses that much sanity to actually even do that job?

After the birth of our younger son, I landed myself this glorious job as a stay home mom! It’s the last thing I ever thought I would want. But here I am, doing the SAHM life. Boogers, poop, playdates, sports, name it!

The second part of who I thought I would be as a mom. It’s the things my husband and I said – no coke, candy, “oh my kids will be so well-behaved”. I literally laughed out loud just now. Thats a negative ghost rider. (As they are currently running around in their underwear acting like ninjas. And I cant even recall when the last time I fed them was. Whoops! Momfail.)

IMG_5819                28467750_10212201180444092_8127709899249745138_n

My boys have to have their morning caffiene and sometimes I just open the pantry in the mornings for them to pick whatever it is they want just to save myself the headache. Fruit snacks are good for you, right?

The moral of my story is that no matter what you “thought” you’d be is usually (or in my case) completely and totally wrong.

But one thing is for certain. We’re all barely surviving no matter what kind of mom you are. You’re never alone. Literally, there’s always probably someone in the bathroom with you. May the force be with you!

36266338_10213004457965528_2216563528326709248_n Meghan Sit Goodman, Mom of 2 and Owner of  Glowing Tan


Quick 5 Minute Wreath Switch up

With the season change upon us, I’ve seen a lot of people ready to decorate for fall.
One of my favorite things to do is switch up my base wreath. This wreath stays on the door all year round, and to me, there’s just something welcoming about a door wreath.
A couple years ago, I made my base wreath out of burlap and a wire wreath base from the $1 store. You can find about a million tutorials on YouTube to do this, and it was super easy to do.
I headed back to the dollar store and picked up a hand full of things for $5 plus tax.
I am no master decorator, but I think it looks pretty good for taking 5 minutes to do.
I wrapped and tucked the fall leaves garland around my whole wreath and adjusted, pulled off some leaves as needed.
Added my sign to the middle. I just hang the sign on the wreath holder and tuck it into the burlap.
And clipped on the cute pumpkins!
Instant fall decor.
Now all I have to do is take a magic eraser to my front door!!
                       Becky Phillips
                           mom of 2
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Blackened flounder philly with homemade coleslaw!

Flounder first!

1 cup vinegar

Glass pan half filled with water

4 Flounder filets

1 tablespoon paprika

2 teaspoons dry mustard

1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

1 teaspoon ground cumin

1 teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon white pepper

1 teaspoon dried thyme

1 teaspoon salt

3/4 cup unsalted butter, melted

A couple of tbsp of olive oil for in the pan

Start off with putting the vinegar into the water and soaking the fish for 20-30 minutes. This will get rid of any fishy flavor!

Mix the seasonings together. Dip the fish in the melted butter and pat on the seasoning on both sides.

Make the pan hot and place the fish. Cook for 2-3 min on each side.

Melt provolone over the fish(or over your favorite veggies). Put it in a roll and enjoy!!

Must Have Mom Subscriptions

Must Have Mom Subscriptions

There are so many monthly subscriptions out there, from a personalized selection of clothes picked just for you to fishing supplies, depending on what type of water you fish in. (My husband is all about this by the way.)

This list is in no particular order and consist of things I have personally tried or plan to try in the near future.

  1. Amazon Prime – This first is so obvious but should come with a warning label. I love that I can buy anything on this site I need for my family. My most frequent purchases are diapers and Pediasure Grow and Gain but during the last Prime Day I ended up with a 2-pack of Clarisonic brushes and a shirt. I call that a success. But warning, it’s so easy to add things to your cart, check out and have it delivered in 2 days that you may quickly become a “primanista”. That meaning you’ll have packages arriving every few days. Which, doesn’t sound so bad actually. At around $10 a month its a complete and total NEED for moms, who just can’t go to the store one more time that week.
  2. Shipt – Hallelujah! I wish Shipt had been around when I had a newborn in the middle of the Tampa summer years ago. It’s a freaking life saver. Especially when you’re cooking dinner and need a forgotten ingredient or it’s raining, or you just don’t want to go. This subscription is an upfront annual fee of $99 but often run a $49 special when they add a new store or for special holidays. Current stores include Costco, Publix, Target, GFS, Winn Dixie and ABC Wine & Liquor (ummmmm yes!). If you don’t have it, get it. Now. G
  3. Netflix – This is our  most used subscription in my house. They’re always adding movies – whether they’re good or not is not my place to say. It’s less than $15 a month and you can stream it on 2 devices at one time. Yes, I know this for a fact. It’s usually a fight in my house to see who’s going to stop watching. I lose. Every time. So instead of hauling your kids to the movies to watch the newest Disney release, wait 12 weeks after it’s out of box office and save yourself the hassle and money. Unless its an Avengers movie because who doesn’t want to see Chris Hemsworth on the big screen?
  1. Firstleaf (Wine) – How many times have we had to pick up a bottle for friends on the way to a girls night/playdate – this happened to me 3 times last week. Whether you’re a 3 bottles a week gal or 3 bottles a month this could work for you! Firstleaf offers $20/month subscription which includes 3 bottles. The process is super easy, you take the quiz seeing what you’d like white, red, mix and import preference. The last question asks how many bottles you drink a month. So depending on your answers you’re given a suggestion. The wine is delivered to your door. So, you’re never without wine and wouldn’t that be a shame?
  1. FabKids – similar to clothing subscriptions for moms, it’s for the little’s. This is the way I see it. You’re going to spend money on your kids’ school clothes regularly. You see the cute top at Target, oh but does he have a pair of shorts to match? Can’t remember, may as well grab another pair. You’re doing that once a week while there PLUS the pre planned trips for new shoes they’ve outgrown, picture know the drill. Here’s the fine print. Between the 1st and 5th of the month you’re sent an email for action – to shop or skip. If you do choose to skip your card is debited for $29.95 but you’re given that $29.95 as a credit to be used anytime. You’re charged the $29.95 until you cancel. There’s also perks like free shipping (that always gets me) and a rewards program.

This list was composed with you in mind, a little more added convenience to our lives is the way to go. I dread shopping with my kids, even if its a quick trip so you’ll find that all of these eliminate bringing what I’m sure are you wonderfully behaved children in public.

Disclaimer Alert: I haven’t listed all details for everyone of these subscription suggestions. It’s important to conduct your own research. 

36266338_10213004457965528_2216563528326709248_n Written By: Meghan Goodman

Dear MOMpreneur, know your worth! Six tips to help balance your life and business


Little girl playing with makeup

This is a long post with very little pictures, but I promise it’s worth every word!

Work life balance.

(Please note that this is coming from the perspective of a photographer and a homeschool mom. While this is something I see rampant in my industry, I am certain it is rampant everywhere)

This is such a hot topic these days. How do we make sure our business doesn’t take over our lives, but still get the things done that need to be done? Our worth as a woman is more than just being a mom, more than just being a business owner, more than just being an employee, more than just being a wife. We collectively need to support each other through the guilt of trying to do it all and help each other know that it’s ok to work hard in our business, work hard in our home life, and work hard in our personal life. We cannot do them all at once. We have to know when to say no, when to speak up for ourselves and when to just get the hell out.

The other day I was talking to a dear friend. She is also a photographer, as many of my friends are, and we were talking about life, business, and husbands. This is a topic that often comes up with my female photographer friends (seldom as often with my male friends, but they do talk about it to). We all seem to struggle with the balance. This is a profession that tends to take over our weekends and sometimes our lives.

We were talking about her life (and mine). She recently found out that her husband had been unfaithful and she was restructuring her work life to have more of a home life in efforts to save her marriage. Now, I want to stop right here. I have a lot of things to say about this, BUT I want to make it very clear, this is not the only thing she is doing. THEY are working on things together, but I want to address a few things from the female perspective, because my first reaction to her (besides what an asshole and man that sucks) was, I get it.

I know the hardship of working late nights and weekends to run this business. I hear my husband’s complaints of my late hours, going on shoots leaving him home with the kids and in general the putting of my camera before family.


How dare we blame ourselves for our failing marriage?

Why the fuck do we do this?

Now, I get it, a failing relationship is a two-way street. It always takes two to tango. BUT here is the thing with many women I know, our husbands tend to look at our business as a hobby. They see it as something that takes away from their family, and not as a business. Yes, it might not be profitable this year, but without a shit load of hard work and late nights, it never will be!

There! I said it.

As a __________ (insert business here), I am running a business. A business that will take a lot of hard work and I have to treat it as a business as much as my significant other treats it as a business. 


This isn’t a hobby, it’s not something I do just for fun (as much as I love it), and it’s not a side gig.

This is a career.

little boy mouth


According to Small Biz Trends, 69% percent of new businesses in 2016 started in the home and a bit more than 50% of those will fail within the first 4 years mainly due to poor money management. Which makes me wonder how much of it has to do with lack of support?

How many of my MOMpreneur friends struggle to balance work + life when all of that runs out of our home and how many have husbands that say, “no it’s my time to take care of the kids while you work”? How many are working nights to get shit done? Would these women get that same dirty look of “oh you are staying up late to work again” if they were leaving the house for a full-time job outside the home?  Do their husbands even realize they give that look?

I get it, what we do isn’t conventional.

Yes, I have some flexibility to schedule things in a way that allows me to leave the kids with their father while I meet clients. Yes, he is not the babysitter (I have one of those too), but actually a contributing member of this family. Yes, I don’t leave my house for 80% of my career. Yes, I can wipe my kid’s butt and edit at the same time (well, not exactly the same time, but you get it), but I still have a fucking job to do!

little girl crying

And as I spew all this angst, I get that I am to blame for some of it. I should have set office hours (I have tried this, but maybe should try harder…). Yes, at one point this was just a hobby. I should say more often this is my work time and I shouldn’t just say “don’t worry I will do it.”

Fuck this.

Our marriages are two-way streets of support!


Should our husband cheat on us if he doesn’t get enough wife time? NO! He also can’t roll his eyes and say “ugh, working again?” Like everything else, there needs to be communication. WE, have to work together. I will totally support you, your work, and your hobby, BUT I fucking expect the same in return.

I also get that our husbands work hard. Mine often works 70 hours a week to provide for our family life. Here is the thing though, I NEVER roll my eyes and lay on guilt when he tells me he has to work the 3rd weekend in a row. Honestly, my heart aches for him that he has to work that much. It sucks for all of us. I hate that he has to get up at 330 am to go to work, BUT does he ever hate that I have to stay up till 2 am working? Nope, he just gets mad about it.

Sure I am a “stay at home working mom”. We made the choice to homeschool which complicates things too. My days are filled with school stuff, my afternoons with home stuff and my nights with work stuff. I realize that these are choices I made, but fuck, can’t we get some support in them? Would I get more support if I was bartending or a lawyer?

I feel like as women we give, give, give, and then get shit on because we didn’t give quite enough. So to fix the not giving enough, we give up more of ourselves.

Fuck. This.

So tell me, how do I fix this, not just for me, but for all of us? Instead of sympathizing with the next wife who tells me about her husband cheating on her for working so much, what conversation do we have? Instead of her just deciding to cut back on work because that will solve things, how do we rearrange things to make a marriage and a business work?  What do I tell her (and me) to make a difference in this world?

How do we, as working women, get some fucking support in our businesses?

Am I doing things wrong, do I see this problem wrong or do you feel this way too? Maybe it all just comes down to sex right? If we give more of ourselves to our significant other, everything will just be ok? Because I totally want to go to bed after teaching, working in the house, working in my job and give just a little bit fucking more!

So this then leads into another conversation from a dear friend and photographer Maragret. She just wrote a great 3 part series about us as women. She talks about the question, have we done this to ourselves?

“I can’t help but wonder if we as a gender have just accepted the narrative

that our time and skill just isn’t worth as much. 

…when we do step up to the plate and admit our worth, we get scared

that we aren’t falling in line with the norms. We worry we’re coming off

too strong, that we’re demanding too much. No one will love us for not

being like everyone else.”

Do we just set the stage that our time and skill, both in the home and out of it, are not worth as much? Why the fuck do we do this? Are we following some made up standard that we are supposed to do everything? We are to wipe every butt, wash every dish, work a job, teach our children and put them to bed. I know I set this expectation in many ways. It was easier for me to put them to bed with a boob, so I did. It was easier to wake up with them in the middle of the night with a boob, so I did. It was easier to just change the diaper, so I did. It was “easier” to work the job from home while teaching the kids, so I did…

This has to stop!

We are worth it.

If you want to wipe every nose, great, BUT we are not the only ones that can do it. Start asking for help. Don’t just complain about it, make it happen. Start demanding it! Start knowing your worth! Yes, they are assholes for cheating, no it’s not our fault! Could we handle our business better? Sure, BUT we need the fucking support to be able to do that!


little girl and brother face painting

Would you like a push in the right direction to help with knowing your worth for your business? I know some fabulous mentors to help you learn your numbers to make your business profitable! Just ask me and I will point you in their direction!

Want some help in your home life? Speak up, and know you are worth it! Take control, do the things that need to be done in your life and business.

  • Ask for help, from anyone that you think could help you
  • Talk to your spouse, be clear in your intentions
  • Write out a weekly schedule and share it with the whole house. Put everything on it from kid time to house time, business time and husband time.
  • Hire help, trade for help, beg for help. Find someone else to clean the house, have the laundry mat wash and fold your clothes, use a service for freshly prepared meals. Delegate, delegate, delegate!
  • Prioritize that to do list, you don’t  have to do it all at once
  • Have the grace to let the guilt go!

Have any more great tips? Tell me, please! Write them in the comments so everyone else that reads this can read them too. Let’s support each other virtually on how to get the support we need at home!


Mom and Daughter Selfie

The momma behind Momma Got Soul Photo and Films, Tampa Bay Family Photographer. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am an artistic storyteller. I stay up late, try to sleep late, and drink lots of coffee and beer (usually in that order, but not always). I grew up in sunny (which means really hot) central Florida, never go to the beach or Disney, but try to hike in the woods as much as I can. I remember a time when I said I would never photograph people, now that’s all I do. I think it started with wanting to explore the world and capture that to share with people. Now I just want to tell people that the real stuff outweighs the fake crap every time -Kelly


Back to school, back to school…

It’s that time of year again, time for back to school shopping and the highly anticipated first day of school. Whether it’s your first year sending your little one off to preschool or it’s your first year sending your child to college, photos are a must. It’s 2018 and documenting important moments are easier than ever. Just snap a few pictures on your smart phone and within minutes you can send pictures to grandparents in other states or post your pictures to Instagram. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love seeing cute kids on your Facebook feed?!?

I searched Pinterest and found several ideas that were quick and easy. I enlisted the help of my older girls (my littlest lady already started preschool) for a little back to school photo shoot. Manned with sidewalk chalk, printable signs (which I found free on Pinterest) and a few props we headed outside for a little fun! I don’t claim to be an award winning photographer and I was only using my iPhone, but I was able to capture several great photos of my girls.

So get out there and start snapping pictures of your adorable kiddos!


  • Kimberly Lasher – SAHM to three beautiful girls, reality TV junkie & ISR advocate. 

My favorite vegan pasta! One pot!

1/2 tbsp olive oil

4 cloves garlic minced

1tsp onion powder or 1 chopped shallot

2 cups veggie broth

1 bag of fresh broccoli

1 and 1/2 cups plain soy or almond milk

1 box of pasta (I use spaghetti or fettuccine)

Nutritional Yeast in place of Parmesan cheese

Salt, pepper and oregano to your taste

In a large skillet, heat olive oil and add garlic, onion/shallot and salt/pepper.

Once the garlic softens, add veggie broth and soy milk. Once combined, add the pasta- make sure it is completely submerged.

Bring to a boil, occasionally stirring(as much as you can).

Reduce to a simmer and add broccoli and nutritional yeast.

Continue to stir occasionally and remove from heat once the texture is creamy(to your liking)

Sprinkle oregano and a little extra yeast on top and enjoy!!

EM’s August Momprenuer Spotlight: Bridge Bowtique


Bridge Bowtique Owner, Christina started her business 3 years ago. In her own words, she tells you her Why?………..

“For 10 years I was a local first grade teacher. In 2012 we were finally blessed with our son Gavin. A few years later his health began to decline. His medical needs and care came first so I resigned from teaching. 

A year or so went by and we realized returning to the classroom wasn’t an option. It wouldn’t be fair to Gavin or a classroom of kiddos. However, I still felt the need to be productive and support the medical costs associated with Gavin’s health needs. I tutored for a while, but ultimately decided I needed something with more flexibility. I’ve always been crafty and after hosting a baby shower for a friend which included handmade baby bows the idea came to me.

Bridge Bowtique allows me the flexibility to attend to my child as well as feel like I’m contributing in a financial way to my family. It has also allowed me the ability to give back to organizations near to my heart by donating baskets of bows to be used as raffle items. This month marks 3 years since I started the business. I now have a fully operational website and can ship across the country. I love interacting with the moms who stop by and shop. I’ve formed true friendships that would have most likely never happened by meeting so many wonderful people! Most important, I’m here for my child. During hospital inpatient stays and long infusion days I’m able to sit next to him and sew bows while watching movies or playing games.

I’m very blessed and grateful for the love and support that so many have shown my little business ❤️

If you would like to learn more about Bridge Bowtique & check out her variety of awesome Bows,  please visit her website at

You can also follow along on Facebook at Bridge Bowtique, where she is running a giveaway for a chance to win a free bow a month for a year!