We have a book club here at Everyday moms that meets once a month. All are welcome and encouraged to join us! If you search in the events you can find our next meeting information. Here are 5 reasons why you should join a book club!

  • It’s adult interaction: I love sneaking away to book club and having a significant adult conversation! I don’t know about y’all but I need to get away from talk about all of my kids activities, school stuff, their fighting, just honestly my kids in general. I love that my book club meetings are a monthly event where I’m guaranteed to get out of the house and meet up with good friends have a few glasses of wine and discuss whichever book we chose the month before, well for however long the book discussion lasts.
  • It forces me to read: I know that I’m not the only Mom that might put down that book and put on Vanderpump Rules! Let’s face it VPR is just a little less intellectually demanding. I love that book club gives me a book to read and a deadline to read it by! It forces me to read and it forces me to read books that I wouldn’t usually know about or read. With our book club, I typically have our members bring suggestions and we just decide collectively. We recently chose a book that I wasn’t really excited about at all and I ended up LOVING IT!
  • You meet new people!: So for me meeting other moms hasn’t always been the easiest thing. I had my kids pretty young so most of my friends weren’t even considering starting a family and the other moms with kids my age were typically in their 40s. I have met some of my best friends through the book club and now we have a guaranteed reason to see each other at least once a month!
  • There’s usually wine. At least at my book club meetings, I make sure we go to a venue that serves some kind of libation!
  • Intellectual Discussion: Again as Moms a lot of our days revolve around food, and refereeing fights, and helping your 9 year old with math homework you can’t figure out. Book clubs give you a reason to have an intellectual discussion about the book. Which often times can lead into different discussions on current affairs or world happenings. It also gives to an interesting look into how perspective plays a part in how everyone sees the world and interacts with it!

Linked Below are some of the books that we’ve read if you’re interested! Our next book club meeting is on 8/1/18 at Stein and Vine. There’s still time to read our current book  http://a.co/1thJcz5  and join us!


Big Little Lies: http://a.co/5cdwhKb

The woman in cabin 10: http://a.co/8Wg6fdx

Orphan Train: http://a.co/4PNdLbt

The Break Down: http://a.co/dThvfGR



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