Sharktastic Crafts & Treats for Shark Week

Shark Week is next week! We just finished an “Ocean” study in our house and here’s how you can celebrate.

1) Shark gummies, obviously. You can get these at Bulk Nation or at Candy Barrel (in the mall). These are fun by themselves, or you can put them in popsicles!


2) Hammerhead Shark headbands. Just color, tape and/or staple and wear!


3) Shark Waffles. Eggos in the toaster + blue frosting=

IMG_5569 IMG_5568

4) Paper plate Great White Shark Jaws

IMG_5512 IMG_5513

5) Shark Teeth snacks- Bugels + melted white chocolate.

6) Attire. I have a hard time finding shark stuff for girls, but this year, Target came through!


Princess Awesome also has dresses for girls with awesome (get it) prints, including sharks.

7) Activities. Head over to your local aquarium to see sharks in person! The Florida Aquarium has some sand tiger sharks, The Clearwater Marine Aquarium has nurse sharks and Sea World.

8) READ! There are TONS of books about sharks. Two of our favorites were Clark the Shark and Hark, a Shark! (a Dr. Seuss book).

  • Book Shark also had a free 27-page printable for Shark Week, where you just have to enter your e-mail address to receive it.

9) Shark tooth cut & paste.

10) Go to your local beach & look for shark’s teeth. Some local favorites are: Manasota Beach, Venice Beach, Englewood, Peace River and Casperson Beach.

11) Sensory box- these are always on my list, because they are so fun! Just add Kinetic sand, sea animals, water beads or blue stones, etc. and you’ve got playtime for hours!


12) Popsicle holders- I ordered these babies on Etsy!




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