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Going Back to School

So you’re considering going back to school but you just are not sure if you can take the added responsibilities as a mom. I get it, life is already super hectic – but you’re ready to further your career in hopes that maybe you can afford that dream vacation or charming home you’ve always wanted. Going back to school is a huge decision requiring time, money, and a whole of schedule juggling. With the proper plan in place, you can make this happen! Here are a few tips to get you started from a person that earned a bachelors, masters, and now (in process) a doctorate.

  • Be sure of what you want to do. You aren’t fresh out of high school with time and freedom on your side. You now have tiny humans and probably a significant other relying on you and the success of this program. Do your research. See what the job market is like in the field you’re looking into. Make connections with people in the field as well. It’s good to network and find out the skinny on the career you’re looking to launch.
  • Lay out the financial plan. How much will the program cost, what will your payments be when you graduate, and will your income cover it all, plus bills? These are things you need to know. If you already have a degree, you need to see how much more student loans are available to you – there is a max! If you have to find alternative means to fund your education, you need to know up front. Also account for any materials or even time off from work.
  • Plan your plan! Or schedule rather. Not every day will go “as planned”, but in general have a means to get your child to soccer practice when you can’t. Have a dinner schedule laid out. If your children are old enough, have a chore chart. Delegate as much as possible, within reason of course. Using an online calendar that you and your family can access, make changes to, etc., can be extremely helpful. My husband and I use one called Cozi – it’s perfect for scheduling, meal planning, and so much more.

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Going back to school is a huge commitment for the whole family. Make sure to call a family meeting ahead of time and lay out the expectations and what this accomplishment will mean for the family long-term so the kids can be on the same page. If they can see the end-result like you can they might be more eager to pitch in. Bottom line, recruit as much help as possible. There will be many days that you feel like you’re drowning and failing at all aspects of life (mostly motherhood), but your family will appreciate all the effort when you’re walking that stage one day.


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