Take it down a notch


So much needed in my life right now.

I’ve been so overwhelmed with trying to keep up. My house, my kid’s school, my stay at home kid, events, friends, acquaintances, the Kardashians, TIME.

There’s so much going on, but how much of it actually involves ME, MY FAMILY, MY LIFE?

I had a text conversation with a couple friends the other day, and one mentioned something nobody had told me about. So I questioned it and was told that it was shared on Facebook.

I’d previously deactivated my Facebook. Mainly because it’s something else to keep up with. How many of these people are actually part of my real life? A handful or 2 at most. While I would love to know what everyone is up to, I don’t have the time to sit around and catch up on people by scrolling all day and I’ve GOT to break that habit.
If there something I should know, I assume a different avenue will be used to let ME know. Not just letting the world of Facebook know and leaving it up to chance or expectation for a certain person to see. If not, it wasn’t meant for me to know.
Let me tell you, just by doing this I have already felt relief.

My house. I’ve got to get rid of all the things. This has been stressing me so much lately. The kids have too much crap so they can’t focus on what to play with. It ends up being a treasure hunt that results in all of the toys all over the floor instead of their toy bins. I’m planning on keeping only a select amount of things. Move EVERY toy to the game room. Get them out of the house!!
Papers?? What do you do with all of your papers? There are literally papers everywhere…


I cleaned the house for 7 hours on Sunday.
7 HOURS! I got rid of a lot of shit.
This was just from the living, dining, and master bedroom.
I made my husband go through his closet, stuff he doesn’t wear anymore. Get rid of it, because what happens is he’ll go to wear it, put it on, it doesn’t fit, it goes on the floor in the laundry pile and it’s in a never ending loop of being laundered when it’s never been dirtied. I made him get rid of all the socks with holes that he puts on and takes off when he sees the hole and throws on the floor. Same with underwear. I had gone through my closet a while back when i did my capsule wardrobe so I only had a few things to remove from my closet.
Drawers! I threw away a lot of drawer stuff. Old undies, shirts that were being held on to for “around the house/yard work/crafting/sleep” why would I need 124633674787 of those? I don’t. Get rid of it!
We now have 2 EMPTY drawers!
I have space to put away laundry now!!

I went through the laundry piles, to see what is too small, doesn’t get worn, etc. this cut down on the laundry I have to catch up on.
No more toys in mommy and daddy’s room. Maybe we can finally get to the point of having a nice grown up bedroom.
This stresses me out, too. Like why don’t we have a nice bedroom? I’ve got to get to work on that once I’m done with the whole house.

Toys!!! I got rid of a TON of toys. All the little bullshit that comes with other toys, accessories, barbie shoes (let’s be real, there was only 1 of each shoe anyway after a day of having them). Baby toys that the kids don’t play with or are just not on their levels anymore, stuffed animals, stuff that is always left everywhere, blocks that were in the living room when they belong in my daughters room. Tired of asking for them to be picked up, tossed em. We now have 2 HALF FULL shelf bins and a basket for the living room stuffed animals. Praise the lord!
The next day was my daughter’s room, more crap gone. Clothes in the giveaway pile, old socks that don’t fit or have lost their matches, I’m over waiting on them to show back up again. Really, why was I even expecting them to come back from lost sock land??

I still have a long way to go, but my friend walking in and saying “the house looks GOOD, girl!” Was exactly what I needed to hear.

I didn’t start any of this from reading a book or following a plan, I started because it’s one less thing to lose my shit over, and I have been way too stressed out lately.

A cluttered home=a cluttered life. I just can’t do it anymore.

To those of you who always have a clean home, I assume you don’t have as much crap as we do. I’m gonna say you got rid of all your shit when you moved into your home so you didn’t have to do this… it makes me feel better to assume that.

Recently we’ve been talking about finding out what our home value is now, selling (if we would make a profit), and downsizing. Pay off everything. Have a smaller mortgage so we can travel and do things we want to without worrying about being on one income.

Happiness vs. Suffering

I’ve got to work on the happiness…

Declutter. Not just my home but my life.



Becky Phillips

You can find more of my writings at Workingwifemommalife.wordpress.com


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