Happy “Easter Fool’s” Day!

This year, Easter falls on April Fools’ Day! This is actually a very rare event. The last time Easter fell on April 1st was in 1956. That has given us plenty of time to come up with fun ways to celebrate both holidays! Many families start their Easter morning celebration with a basket full of sweet treats and chocolate bunnies! This year, keep that special basket hidden for after the prank (we don’t want any tears or disappointed faces)! Instead, create a basket full of “treats” that will confuse the kids like socks, toothpaste, and shampoo. At the bottom of the Easter basket you can include a note that says “APRIL FOOLS!” to set the tone of the day they will be having!
You can also adapt traditional Easter fun to include a little April Fools’ twist! For example, everyone knows that Easter egg hunts are a favorite activity on this special holiday. With a little creativity, you can turn this exciting game into laughs and memories for everyone! Try hiding eggs with nontraditional treats inside like baby carrots, peas, and lima beans! Imagine their faces when they finally find that egg only to discover vegetables inside! Tell them the Easter Bunny is trying to be more healthy this year!
april fools easter pranks
Or maybe you can make “yummy treats” that look delicious but pack a surprise! How about a delicious broccoli pop! I found this idea on The Decorated Cookie, and it is fantastic! You spear a broccoli floret with a lollipop stick. Then cover with a pretty colorful parchment or tissue and tie with a bright ribbon. Place all of the “lollipops” in a cup for display and when your child asks for a lollipop, you can tell them with a wink, “only if you promise to eat the whole thing!”
broccoli lollipop easter april fools prank


You can also find a fun way to surprise your little Easter bunnies by having an Easter bunny piñata, but instead of the traditional candy and trinkets, fill it with paper clips, plain erasers, and other boring office supplies (just leave out the thumbtacks!).  Imagine the laughs when all of the hard work of breaking the pinata results in a hurried frenzy to grab up the goodies, only to realize they are office supplies and not candy! Keep those video cameras ready to capture the confused expression on their faces!

Of course, you will want to reward your bunnies with treats after the tricks are over! After all the fun is done, be sure to share your regular Easter traditions as a family, and talk as a family of how rare it is for these holidays to fall on the same day- and come up with ideas to celebrate when this rare event rolls around again, on April 1, 2029!

Happy “Easter Fool’s” Day!

-Jessica Frigo

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