Just Breath Supermom


Thank you. Thank you to the mom that wrote something that moved me so much that I was paralyzed with emotion while sitting in my bed, surrounded by laundry, dust bunnies, and a computer that begged for me to do my homework. Thank you for making me realize that I am not alone. That it is “ok” to not be “ok”. That it is ok not be a supermom all-day, every single day. That sometimes letting the kids eat dinner in front of the TV just so I can sit down and breath for one damn second is OK.

You see we moms are pretty hard on ourselves. Call it biology. Call it societal pressure. Call it what you want – but we often hold ourselves to a ridiculously impossible standard. Why? I am certainly not the one who has it all figured out but what I do know is that I thank all the mommy bloggers and mommy posters out there that at some point, have had a rough day, and then have taken that opportunity to make light of it for the rest of us who just mig

SuperMom (1)

ht also be having a rough day.

And to the mom that posted in a mom’s group of 5600 women that today she was just surviving and that it was ok – you freed me from my self-inflicted notion that I suck at this parenting thing just because I feel too overwhelmed to do anything worthy of super-mom status, thank you. Thank you for making me feel, and connecting with not only myself but so many other women than needed to hear your words. Words can do so much. Because of words like hers and the many other women that put it all out there – even on really bad days we can remember that tomorrow is brighter and better than this one bad day. That because I am a mom I can survive this and pick myself up and move forward for not only the ones I love, but for myself.

So moms, let us give ourselves permission. Permission to turn on Micky Mouse Clubhouse so we can read a chapter out of our favorite book. Permission to hide in our bathroom for 5 minutes to paint our long over-do toenails. Permission to do whatever it is that helps us do this mom thing a little better. Some days are awesome – some are not. In those moments when we feel we just cannot do it anymore, remember you are not alone. There are women out there from all walks of life “just breathing” in their closets, bathrooms, and driver’s seat. Go on, and remember to “just breath”, and make tomorrow better.

2 thoughts on “Just Breath Supermom

  1. Brittany Dykes says:

    This was my post in the mom group. I just want to tell you this blog entry made me cry. Not feeling alone as a mom has made all the difference in my survival. I’m so happy we could connect as moms. Thank you for posting this. 💙

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    • reganb82 says:

      Brittany I’m glad you like the post! I’ve thought about your words several times since I first read them. I love how words can carry such a weight with us when we need to hear the right ones the most! This mom-thing is freaking tough! I love that even though our situations vary, we still have SO much in common! Thank you again for being you!


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