I have always felt a strong spiritual connection to our universe. I would read for hours about each constellation sign and how it applied to each person in my life, as well as the happenings going on in my own life. I find the moon, the stars, the planets-the universe-so mystifying, cleansing, rejuvenating, romantic, + spiritual.

Since I became a mom, and I still nurse my baby, I am often up quite a few times during the night. One of my favorite things to do is to go on the deck and sit on the blanket and look up at the wild, open, beautiful sky, and I just say thank you for all the things I feel so grateful to have or experience. I rarely get *moments* to myself ( like this one I’m taking right now to write this blog post, whilst she naps), so in the still of the night, the light of the moon, I take whatever time I need to just release whats on my mind.

Why is this super full blue moon so magical? Because not only will we have a rare magical blue moon, there will be a total lunar eclipse AS WELL as it being a SUPER BLOOD MOON. IS THAT NOT FUCKING AMAZING?! the last time this happened was over 150 years ago in 1866. this crazy trinity event represents mind, body, and spirit. and the fact that this will be the second full moon in the same calendar month like, January ain’t playin around.

Since the sunlight has to pass through the earths atmosphere, it scatters red light, thus the moon will appear “red”- a blood moon.

The energy that has been circulating this month has been INTENSE. have your periods been off/heavier? have you been more moody? cant sleep or feeling restless? more emotional? The moon affects our vibe, our energy, our cycles. Right before a full moon you might notice things are…off. So why do you want to “prepare” for the moon?

Because you have a chance to manifest really good things into your life. PRIME EXAMPLE AS OF LITERALLY TODAY: Last new moon on jan 1st I asked the universe for unexpected forms of income (I’m a SAHM and it helps), so I made NO ATTACHMENT to where this money would come from. I am open to wherever the money comes from. Well, I used to coach for beachbody until I got pregnant and didn’t work out or coach and haven’t since (its been over a year), and to be honest, I miss it -ALOT, and its been on my mind lately that I might want to coach again. WELL, MF TODAY I get a check in the mail ( enough to get some groceries), and I haven’t done the business in over a year. GOSH, talk about an unexpected form of income.

So yeah, take 15-30 minutes out of your night tonight to set up a little ritual or space where you can quietly connect to the universe and BOLDLY ASK the universe for what you want and need. this is your opportunity to really look at the signs that keep popping up in your life that you finally need to listen + pay attention to.

This is the time to ask for healing, release old behaviors or patters or habits, ask for guidance, set your intentions for the things you are working towards like a new job, a creative project, or maybe you want more money, more time, freedom. ASK FOR IT, then show up in your life and you will see the fruition from your prayers.

Here’s just a few ways that I hold my moon rituals:

just about everything you want to cleanse energies or place intentions on goes into the light of the moon, so on a window sill or on the actual ground of the earth with the moonlight shining over it. I call it “charging”. 

  • filter water in a mason jar and it sits under the moonlight=moon water
  • light candles
  • burn incense
  • have a table, blanket, or nice big glass bowl
  • any crystals you may have go under the moonlight
  • I also put any pieces of jewelry or ANYTHING of importance into a big crystal bowl. I put my daughters amber teething necklace, my wallet, my ring, my necklace, my lost cats collar, pretty much anything that I feel I want to cleanse under the moonlight.
  • I have chill music that I like to vibe to

Then I speak from my heart and my soul and whatever desires come up, I speak in detail about the dreams I have that I want to become reality. It feels really good to connect with something greater than you, that you feel is actually looking out for you AKA the universe has your back.

I hope you ANY amount of time you can spare and make that connection tonight to set any intentions or desires that you want to see fulfilled. Be open to UNEXPECTED outcomes to your circumstances and just know that, e v e r y t h i n g is meant to be.


Lisa AKA natural modern mama

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