Dude, I’m tiiiiired. I knew this was the caveat. I knew this would be hard, but worth it, yet its still hard…and worth it.

I struggle with the fact that babies aren’t supposed to *sleep through the night* yet, and most likely wont until they are well past 2 years old, according to the research I’ve done. So, I am trying to embrace this stage in my life, where it seems I don’t get the sympathy card cus I have to get up 5x a night with my little one. you know why? cus its normal. Cue sobbing.

Right now, THANK THE UNIVERSE, I am a stay at home mom. Almost everyday I think about what my life would be like if I had to work on top of the responsibilities of a house, husband, and baby. I’m sure just like everything in life, that one would just do what you gotta do, but on some days-I can’t fathom it. I give MAJOR props to us moms who literally do it all:

  • house
  • hubby
  • babies
  • work, co workers, deadlines, stress, bosses
  • traffic
  • errands
  • laundry
  • dishes
  • floors
  • staying “happy”
  • cooking meals, making snacks, pinteresting the best recipes for your family
  • taking time for yourself
  • etc etc etc

What keeps me going through the days where I really feel sorry for us moms everywhere, is being grateful for my life. My little world on this moving spec through the universe. I relish in all my past experiences that have led me up to this point cus I’m actually REALLY grateful for my life, my family, my baby, my previous jobs that gave me skills and experience. When I actually take a second to look around me, I get really happy. These are the days I prayed for. I literally have always prayed to be at home with my babe and here I am realizing all dreams have come true in some weird way.  I’m grateful for our beautiful house that we worked hard to get. I’m grateful that we have everything we need and we live a comfortable life.

So when I have to get up 5x in the middle of the night tonight, I remind myself of the things that I have that fill my heart up and how precious the moments I am living are right now.

I encourage all us moms to take a second, and just be grateful for what you have. be grateful for ALLLL the little things. it truly matters because it will change your perspective from negative, limiting, closed, and shift you into a positive, loving, open mind and heart.

Patience, gratitude, love, understanding. That is what will get me thru another day.


that and coffee.


Lisa- aka another tired momma in the universe.

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