Every Day New, Every Day The Same

Do you often feel like you are in the movie Groundhog Day? Every day you wake up to the same thing, whether it’s taking the kids to school, going to work, laundry, the dishes, or cleaning up the kid’s room again, the days start to melt into one another. It’s this horrible hamster wheel that just won’t stop. Round and Round and Round.

Image result for hamster wheel gif

We take the occasional break, maybe go to the beach, a walk in the woods, but the whole time we can’t let go of all of those things that we are not doing while we are taking that break. As women, we can’t seem to just let go (and I think you guys are the same way).

We get caught up in the have to, must do, need to.

How can we stop this cycle? How can we give our brains not only a break but a way to not just sink right back into that cycle when we return after that short break?

How do we just stop and enjoy life? 

That’s the million dollar question right?

Do we make rules like no social media after 5pm or really at all? Do we get more fresh air, exercise, and healthy foods? Cut out refined sugar and bread?  Make meditation a habit and make sure we get “me time”.

Yes to all of that BUT is part of just our nature as humans to be in some kind of routine? Even those that wander still have a routine of some kind. Maybe we need to embrace the hamster wheel and make it rock for us! Maybe it’s the uncertainty that really causes us stress, not the stability of what we know needs to be done and what we will do?

So how do we change our mindset to not dread the routine but celebrate it? 

What are your tips and tricks for keeping your sanity? Do you clean certain things on certain days? Apply the 5 rule where you do 5 things everytime you enter a room? Are you a minimalist that has paired down your anxiety by decreasing your stuff? Or are you like me and still struggling with how to make this mom, wife, woman life work? How to balance the “want to do” and the “have to do“, the “me time” and the “family time”. 

How are you succeeding in your everyday life? 

This is currently what my days look like:


Mom and Daughter Selfie

The momma behind Momma Got Soul Photo and Films, Tampa Bay Family Photographer. I am a wife. I am a mother. I am a storyteller. I stay up late, try to sleep late, and drink lots of coffee and beer (usually in that order, but not always). I grew up in sunny (which means really hot) central Florida, never go to the beach or Disney, but try to hike in the woods as much as I can. I remember a time when I said I would never photograph people, now that’s all I do. I think it started with wanting to explore the world and capture that to share with people. Now I want to capture people to share with the world. -Kelly

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