Fun holiday crafts for the littles

Growing up, I remember making Christmas ornaments in school. Specifically, a beaded wreath with my photo in it that I so excitedly hung on our Christmas tree as soon as I brought it home. I wish I still had those to show my kids.

We love crafting in our house, so I wanted to re-create those, and make some new ones of our own. I picked up a bag of large popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, pulled out the glue gun, beads, and paints and we got to work!

First ones we made were snowmen.
We put 5 sticks side by side, gluing a half of a popsicle stick to the back to hold them together and 1 more popsicle stick across the top front at an angle to make the top hat.

We even got daddy in on this one!



Another fun popsicle stick craft is little Christmas trees.
This uses 2 1/2 popsicle sticks. Hot glue together to make a tree triangle. Paint green, and then finger paint on the tree decorations. My daughter had more fun with this since there were less directions and she could do her own thing.


To make either of these ornaments, just hot glue an ornament hanger to the back!

I haven’t done that just because I haven’t pulled out our ornaments just yet.

Then we did was a “chain” of days until Christmas. I remember doing these in school, also. You can make these with any amount of days left to Christmas since it’s just for fun!
Cut strips of red and green paper (enough strips for the amount of days left).
Using tape a stapler or probably a glue stick but I wasn’t sure a glue stick would hold enough, make a circle out of your first strip. Using your next strip, thread it through the first circle to make a “chain” and continue with the rest until you’re out of strips!
Every day the kids can remove 1 circle and what is left, is how many days until Santa comes!
You can taylor this to whatever you celebrate. Blue and white for Hanukkah, and so on.


And last but not least, grab some red/white pony beads and pipe cleaners and start threading! You can make a wreath to glue a photo behind, make candy canes (this requires no glueing as you can manipulate the pipe cleaners to hang on your tree)
I cut a pipe cleaner in half, fold up the bottom so the beads don’t fall off, and do the same with the top when you’re all threaded.


I know stay at home parents don’t get these special things brought home, so make your own!
Best of all, the kids benefit using/developing sensory, coordination, patterns, and fine motor skills.

Happy holidays, and happy crafting!!


Becky Phillips
Stay at home mom of 2


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