Some of Everyday Moms Favorites!



About Toffee Traditions:

Our Toffee Tradition Started over 40 years ago.  Born and raised in Hyde Park in Tampa, FL.  Our family had a tradition that became my favorite childhood tradition.  As a young girl I cooked next to my mother in the kitchen making our gourmet toffee.  The Aromas filled the house and this time was a special time that I looked forward to and loved.  As the years went by I continued the tradition with my own children teaching them the secrets of making this delectable dessert.  Our families classic was chocolate pecan toffee.  I have made this family favorite of mine many times over the years handing out for gifts to friends, teachers and family.  Our company has created new flavors for sharing.  I have always been talked into selling my toffees.  Today I am thrilled to Own Toffee Tradition & Treats.  It has been a great Journey.  I am happy to share my joy of baking with the many return customers and friends I have made along the way.  I invite you to join the Family Tradition.

  • Fresh handmade buttery toffees
  • Gluten free option
  • No preservatives
  • Small batches
  • Finest ingredients


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About Remi’s Minis:

Remi, our family pit bull, was originally found by Hillsborough County Animal Services. He had been tied to a tree and sustained severe injuries from being shot in the head and face over 30 times with a BB gun! This resulted in him having to have his right eye removed. Normally, because of the false reputation that the media has placed on his breed, Remi would have just been “put down”. However, our friends at The Humane Society of Tampa Bay decided to take a chance on him. They performed the necessary surgeries, after care, and training only to put him up for a second chance at life!

My wife and I believe that pets come into our lives at just the right time, for just the right moment. This fateful encounter can either serve to rescue us from personal tragedies, or in most cases, allows us to rescue animals from tragic situations.

In 2013, my wife Christy went to the Humane Society with a co-worker to support her in finding a puppy. While there, she saw (and instantly fell in love with) Remi. He was sitting there with a cone on his neck, fresh from surgery, and he looked so dejected and lonely in his kennel. She sent me his picture and asked to bring him home.

We officially adopted Remi on Valentine’s Day. This was perfectly fitting for such a lovable dog. Remi is a lover, not a fighter. He is the most docile, easy-going dog. He is quick to look for praise, oftentimes placing his muzzle in my hand during walks. He loves nothing more than to climb in bed with our daughters, snuggle right up to them, and be covered up for the night. We are quick to include Remi in any family activities and take pride in telling his story explaining that dogs, like people, should not be stereotyped.

We love to use Remi’s story as a teaching tool for our kids. We often tell them that sometimes we (people and pets) will have to endure bad things in life that we have no control over. But, out of these trials there can be joy at the end of the rainbow! Because of his unfortunate circumstances, we were able to give him a new life where he is beyond spoiled. Remi brought with him a sense of being able to overcome insurmountable odds and a new outlook on life. To this day, his situation still reminds us that things will always get better.


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