A busy mom’s attempt at capsule wardrobe

After marriage, kids, and entering my 30’s I found myself in a style rut. Torn between if what I’m wearing is too short, too young, too mom, etc.
I find myself wearing the same things but have a closet full of stuff that stays hung up. Just stuff! I never wear these things. I still have some clothes from my early 20’s.. 10 year old things, y’all!

My kids get new things. Often, just because. My husband gets new things, sometimes for that same reason. So why am I on the back burner?
I’m over here wearing pre pregnancy (from my 1st kid) underwear, 10 year old clothes, flip flops from a year ago, and haven’t had my hair cut in over a year. I’ve been inspired. To do something for me.

First step:
Downsize my closest because I’m not wearing much of it, anyway.

I came across a couple groups for a capsule wardrobe. Honestly, I’ve seen this a few times before but never actually thought about doing it. The idea of capsule wardrobe is to have a set number of pieces equal a set number of outfits. So say you have 30 pieces, you can potentially have 100 different outfits out of those depending on what you’re working with. You won’t be wearing the same thing, your clothes will be in rotation, you have LESS LAUNDRY (for yourself, at least).

So here I go.
Due to the time of year, and my beginner status, I am starting with Fall.
Since living in Florida is basically living on the surface of the SUN, my fall style will include some summer items so I don’t die of heat exhaustion from trying to look cute.

Capsule part 1. Go through every piece of clothing {in your closet}.
Make a Love pile, a Sell/Donate pile.
Divide your loves into seasons or year round.

Here’s the fun part… Shop your own closet!
I actually had a few pieces that were in a give away pile that I took BACK for my fall capsule. I had no idea how to wear them, so they just sat. I knew I’d bought them for a reason! This also makes less for me to buy.

Now, there is a set out capsule you can buy in an Ebook. It literally gives you links to buy the EXACT things to make the EXACT outfits.
I’m not doin that. How boring would life be if we were all THE SAME?

So I’m taking IDEAS. And, like I said, things I already have.
I do love a lot of the pre made looks and I was never good at putting things together on my own.
Top and bottom is pretty much my forte…
I need to learn to accessorize, layer, add pieces together.

I look at RULES as mere GUIDELINES.
You do you. Change your colors. You know if the color mustard looks good on you or not. If it totally sucks on you, replace with another color or print.

There are also different capsule styles:
French minimalist, essentials, working, SAHM…

I’m feeling like mixing up a couple of the styles to make my own. This will also serve me to have basic things for a year-round capsule.

I’ve come across styling apps!
You take photos of the clothes you have, or look up something similar, so you can have it all at your fingertips to create your outfits.
Think Cher Horowitz from Clueless, y’all!

The apps I’ve heard good things about are:
Smart closet

I’m starting with smart closet. So far it is very user friendly. You can “shop” to find photos of the things you have, or close to it, to save you time of not having to take photos. I will still need to take a couple photos, but I am well on my way of making several “outfits” out of the small number of things I have in my wardrobe section already! This app is cool! And did I mention FREE? There is also a calendar you can make so you can choose ahead of time what you’re wearing for the week, and keep track of what you’ve already worn!

I gave a go at Polyvore. I like the look of the put together outfits better than smart closet, but I don’t think it’s as user friendly as smart closet. I’m still trying to figure this one out.

This making outfits with the apps is actually super fun. But here’s what I need to do…

Wear the outfits. Wear the outfits. Wear the outfits!

I was in a super hurry this morning. Had probably 7 minutes to get dressed/makeup/hair. I normally get to my closet and go frantic, “what am I going to wear???” and try on several things that eventually make me late. Today, I grabbed a capsule outfit that I’ve previously put together on my app, and was on my way! I knew it would work together. Didn’t even have to spend time in the mirror making sure it looked ok. I was out the door on time!!

So far, so good.

I’ve mainly been wearing these on the weekends when I actually have more than grocery shopping to do, but I definitely feel amazing and my husband has commented on how put together I’ve been looking to!

So far, what I have noticed the most is no impulse buying. I used to go to a clearance rack and buy things just because they were on sale. Doing capsule, I know what pieces I’m missing and if I can find them, awesome. If not, I walk out empty handed and not disappointed that I didn’t get anything!

That is a WIN for me!

Ultimately, this capsule thing is still a work in progress. I imagine if my kids were older, I may have more time to work on this and be finished. However, the little bit I’ve gotten done totally works. I feel put together. I’m saving money and time. I have more room in my closet. I can’t wait to finish and become fully functional.


…Now if I could just get my hair cut….



Becky Phillips
Stay at home mom of 2


You can find more of my posts on Workingwifemommalife.wordpress.com







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