Did someone say Pumpkin???


Fall is almost here and Mmmm I can taste the pumpkin pie already! If you are anything like me, Fall starts as soon as September gets here and so does the crafting. I have sifted through Pinterest and found some easy, fun, and educational fall craft ideas for you.

Fall Leaf Prints Here is one for the nature loving momma! Collecting leaves is fun!

Pool Noodle Pumpkins Because, why not? This is Florida after all and we use pool noodles for all the things!

Milk/Water Jug Ghosts Spooky Fun! Stock up on the Dollar Tree battery powered LED or tea lights for this one!

Rock Painting and Sorting  For all you rock painting mommas, this one is a must do!!! Paint rock for every season, mix them up, and then have the kids sort them! Fun and educational.

Leaf People OMG! I am in love with this Idea! It hits my Nature loving heart. My daughter loves collecting leaves and this is a great way to show them off.

Pumpkin Leaf Handprint Keepsake How fun would these be to give to Family on Thanksgiving?

Stuffed Paper Apple This one would be great for helping the kiddos with their fine motor skills. For the older kids I would do this one with felt, thread, and a needle.

Apple Stamp Craft We did this last year and my daughter really enjoyed it.


I hope you all have fun with some of these. I know we will! If you do any of these activities, Everyday Moms would love to see your family in action! Please share with us on Facebook and Instagram.

Happy Crafting,

Suzette Foister

SAHM, Wife, Owner of Bring Your Own Canvas, Homeschooler



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