4th of July Crafts and Activities



What are your plans this 4th of July? Throwing a party? Staying home? Heading out to huddle with the masses and watch the sky light up? Whatever it may be start it off with a craft or fun activity! I have saved you from heading down the Pinterest rabbit hole and added some links to activities here! There are links here for everyone and all ages. You may even have the supplies at home for most of these.

DIY Patriotic Flower Pot This one is cute! Use the flower pot to hold crayons, markers or pencils. Or Plant pretty flowers and watch them Grow…. and then die:-)

Straw Fireworks So simple!

Patriotic Handprint Keepsake Adorable. I love the t-shirt idea. Great idea to do every year and see how much bigger their hands are. The little foot prints for a Baby’s first 4th is cute as well.

Confetti Poppers Such a fun way to make a mess! Better then handing them a sparkler and ending up in the ER with burns.

Paint Stick Flag Free paint sticks from home depot… WIN WIN! You can also do smaller ones with popsicle sticks.

Paper towel Roll Fireworks painting This one because I know some of us have been saving these rolls for years and need to use them!

Bean Bag Toss This will keep them occupied for at least 10 minutes.

Chalk Art Photos So cute and for the moms not afraid of a pinterest fail hehehe


Have a Happy and Safe 4th!!!

Suzette Foister

SHAM, Homeschooler, Wife, Owner/Artist of BringYourOwnCanvas


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