Life’s a Beach – Unless You’re a Mom Headed to the Beach with Your Littles Alone

So you’re headed to the beach with your tiny village of miniature you’s and you’re thinking “I think I can, I think I can” while also thinking “don’t forget the damn sunscreen!”.  Those trips to the beach without your significant other are tough. Only the strong survive – but you CAN do it!

Yep – we have all done it! Made it all the way to the beach with only one arm floaty. It might be one of the most self defeating feelings on the planet. How could I do that? This is going to be a tough day! 

The good news is you can get through it, with very little issues – but preparation is a MUST! Here are a few tips to get yourself through all those trips to the beach so your day is (mostly) smooth sailing!

Check lists are a must

It can even be a permanent checklist that you perfect and then laminat but do it BEFORE the day of the trip. Get the kids involved as well. Unless you have triplets that are under 12 months, chances are you can get a few good suggestions from them for the check list – things you may not have thought of until one of your sweet little ones beg for it while you’re basking in the sunlight of the beautiful vitamin D provided by the suns rays!

Cover all your bases 

Necessities, entertainment, snacks, etc? Identify and locate them all! Heck – pack the car the night before if possible! It’s different for every family due to the different stages of life for each child but you know what you need. Think about the previous trips to the beach.. what made it easier? What made it harder? Plan for each! 

Recruit your army

Your kids can help! Anything from making sandwhiches to finding sand toys, you should not do all the work alone. Designate a child, based on their abilities, to a task of some kind. Obviously you wouldn’t ask a two year old to make sandwhiches but they could help gather their floaties or sand toys.  Expect them to contribute and future beach trips will be easier.

Bottom line

Prepare for the unexpected and expected. Change of clothes, sunscreen, towels, food, buckets, chairs, hats bandaids, etc. Oh, and of course the camera for all those amazing memories you’re creating with your little ones –  trust me, they won’t remember the one arm floaty that was forgotten but they will remember the giant sandcastle that was built while the sun was setting on that beautiful summer evening. 

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