The REAL Mother’s Day Gift Guide

On my personal blog, I wrote about all the great things/experiences you can purchase for Mom this Mother’s Day in a gift guide. I’ll admit, I’ve had my eye on this Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag for a hot minute, but I would never splurge the $250 for a bag on myself on a regular basis, so that’s what I “asked” for, but it got me thinking. . .

While that bag would be such an appreciated gift, there are SO many things I would love to have for Mother’s Day that are absolutely free (or very close to it).


  1. Gratitude. Being a stay-at-home mom, I take care of the kids all day. Diapers, Outfits, Sweeping, Meal Prep, trying to get my exercise in, picking up the toys, scrubbing literally everyone (but my husband’s) butts. I just want to feel like I am appreciated. I want to feel like the decision I made not to go back to work is something that’s WORTH it to everyone in my family.
  2. A Handwritten Card. It won’t be long before my boys will be making these cards in school classes I know, but being that they are so small now, it means even more that their Dad took the time to sit down, create an experience with them, and make something just for me. There’s nothing more special than an illegible scribble from an 11 month old holding a crayon for the first time.
  3. THE DAY OFF. I don’t want to cook, I don’t want to clean, I don’t want to change a diaper. I want to be able to put on a full face of make-up in peace, and curl my hair without worrying about someone grabbing the curling iron off the counter and burning their face. I want to take the normal 90 minutes it takes to get everyone dressed and out the door, and spend that preparing MYSELF for a relaxing day where I’ll actually look decent enough to take a few selfies.
  4. A bathroom break without ANY surprise visitors. It’s just a fantasy I’m sure, but it would just be SO nice to have my “morning meeting” without having someone burst in for something.
  5. Brunch. Enough said right? Calories don’t count on Mother’s Day so I want pancakes, doughnuts AND all the bacon. Please and Thank you.
  6. I would like to be able to be the ONLY person who uses my cell phone all day. For a full 24 hrs, it would be nice not to have to surrender my iPhone to the demands of YouTube Kids addicts.
  7. Flowers. They can be paper, drawn, or real, but I don’t get flowers enough, and this is the day that I’m really hoping for them.
  8. All the cuddles. It would be so nice, if instead of running and jumping until he passes out, my toddler somehow managed to snuggle up with me for a post-brunch nap. As Mothers, we all know that sleeping children are the sweetest, most angelic creatures in the entire universe, and I just want to soak that in for a half of an hour on Mother’s Day.
  9. To watch ANYTHING I WANT on TV. I wanna catch up on Criminal Minds y’all, I’ve got 3 episodes just waiting in the DVR queue but somehow Moana has sucked up all the TV time this week. (Although I’ll admit I am kind of in LOVE with “How Far I’ll Go” and it may or may not be on my iTunes playlist.)
  10. Speaking of iTunes, can I please listen to MY music all day? When we’re traveling, while I’m getting ready, I just wanna belt out Taylor Swift all day WITHOUT those rude eye rolls the hubs can give me.
  11. Also- can we please block the “Daddy Finger” song on YouTube for just this ONE day?! It’s awful, my kids love it, and it’s inevitably stuck in my head ALL day after Cash has his iPad time. I just don’t want to hear it, like at all. (If you don’t know what I’m talking about DO NOT GOOGLE, you’ll regret it immediately, just praise sweet baby Jesus you have some ignorant bliss when it comes to this tune.)
  12. A long fancy bath. I wanna use bubble bath AND a bath bomb, light candles, and shave my freaking legs without rushing to get clean! No one coming in trying to splash in my water or throwing mini dinosaurs in with me while I condition my hair. I want to exfoliate and moisturize and use that fancy face mask I got last year for Mother’s Day but haven’t had time to use yet.
  13. Sweet Kisses. Last but certainly not least, I just want all the sugar from my family. Sure, this day is about celebrating me, Mama, but I wouldn’t be able to celebrate this day without these babes, and I just want to soak up all of their sweet little kisses before they become grown and think it’s gross when I playfully bite their chunky little cheeks.


What do you REALLY want this Mother’s Day?

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