Making Egg Hunts Fun and Educational



My daughter loves a good easter egg hunt. I got the eggs down a few weeks ago and she has begged for me to hide them for her everyday since. After hiding the empty eggs for the millionth time, I decided that I had to do something different and make it a learning experience. I made our egg hunt into a math game. Before having her find the hidden eggs, I would tell her how many I hid. As she was hunting for the eggs I would ask her: How many eggs have you found? How many more do you need to find? We were doing math problems (she didn’t even realize it) and it was fun!!! I also hid math problems inside the eggs. After she collected all the eggs, we opened one egg at a time and worked through the math problem together. We also used eggs the as manipulatives. The possibilities are endless with this activity. You can change the problems inside based on your child’s level. For the younger children you can put a number inside each egg, have them identify and then put numbers in order.


Here are some pinterest links for more egg hunt learning fun:


This is a fun one that also gets your kids exercising.



Easter egg hunt: shape identification and sorting


Sight Word Hunt


Easter Egg color matching game


Free Math Problem Printables


Coin Counting egg hunt


These are just a few links that cover most age groups, but there are many more on Pinterest!! Happy Easter Egg hunting!!!




Suzette Foister

SHAM, Homeschooler, Wife, Owner/Artist of BringYourOwnCanvas

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