And now back to our regularly scheduled show…

As someone who loves watching a good sitcom, it’s tempting to wish ones’ life functioned the same way: The day would start with me coming down the stairs fully made up with a glorious sense of confidence to match my chic outfit. Breakfast would be made, no less by Alice from The Brady Bunch, and the house would be clean and would stay clean. Cooper would want something other than a waffle and my hubby would greet me with a funny line that would follow with a delicious laughtrack. Cut to my real life: I run down the stairs sweating after my shower in black pants which need to be either hemmed or thrown away. My girdle is cutting off all of my circulation. The dogs are barking and won’t stop. There is no Ann B.Davis as ‘Alice’ nor is there the delicious laugh track.  Perhaps what keeps me going each day is the promise of these things along with the hopes that everything will wrap up in a neat bow in 22 minutes. For now I shall keep dreaming but somewhere…somehow…I know there is a catchy theme song literally calling my name!

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