Don’t forget about us.

When you have kids, so many things change.

The one thing that you don’t expect to change however, are your friends.

Your whole life you and and your best buds have daydreamed about weddings, babies, dream homes, the dream career…the list goes on. In those plans, you of course always include your besties, down to the ugly bridesmaid dress and who is going to become “auntie” to the others babies first. Then there are the friends who you meet along the way- the college buds, the co-workers turned BFF, the couple you routinely double date with. No matter which part of life you met in, the friendship is seen as a pretty significant part of your life.

And then life changes. You have a baby, and all of the sudden…where did everyone go?

To parents, our children are the single most important things in our lives. We thrive off of baby smiles, first words, trips to the aquarium and late night cuddles. It seems though that sometimes this equates to being crossed off the invite list to Friday night dinners and adult only events. Its as if babysitters don’t exist, and we aren’t cool anymore.

That has a way of making a Momma- or a Dad- feel pretty crappy, to be honest.

So, friends without kids, here is my message to you from your friends with kids, still here, still loving you as our friends, and still down to go have a few drinks….

I am sorry my kids have quick, sticky hands that grab everything in your perfectly staged home. I remember when mine looked like that, but to be honest I have had to lower my standards.

I am still the same friend that I was before I gave birth- I promise- I may have lost my mind a little bit, but for the most part I still laugh at the same jokes, will gladly throw back 1… or 4 margaritas with you, and can put on something other than leggings and go have a good time.

At the same time, I am not the same. There are 2 little humans relying on me to nurture them, teach them, and love them. What you need to know is that I want you to be a part of that if you are willing.

Even though I am a parent, I still need good, adult fun in my life. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse WILL drive me to insanity if I don’t get out of this house every so often child-free.

Most of all, I am still here. I have not gone anywhere. I have had to reorganize my priorities a little bit. Doctors appointments, sick little noses, and putting my babies to bed every night have definitely taken over the top of the list, but at least you know where to find me !

I want you to know that even if I cannot attend- the invitation matters.

My heart is so full for these little humans I have brought into this world, and by being our friends, I want you to share that joy if you give it a chance.

If you don’t want to hang out with the tiny humans- it’s cool. I really understand, I was you once too. But like I said- we do leave the house. Let us know whats up, there are people we can pay ungodly amounts of money to just so we can go get 2 hours of freedom.

Just don’t forget about us. We still love you, and you are important to us. We need you in our lives too.




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