You’re Still a Good Mom


You know you’ve all done it. Maybe you’re lucky and you’ve only had to do it a couple times. But maybe you’re like me and you’ve done it numerous times. No matter how many times you’ve done this, you most likely feel guilt – if not instantly, then maybe as a delayed reaction. So what is “it” exactly?

“It” can be described as the ever-mounting list of things that we, as moms, think we are doing to stunt our children’s full potential, usually because we have fallen short of insane expectations we have built for ourselves. Examples? Too much TV, too many sweets, more educational “toys”, less fast food, more reading, more organic, more sports, less this, and more of that  – the list simply goes on and freaking on. The guilt we feel as mothers is simply exhausting. Why do we do “it” – those things that cause us so much guilt as mothers? Maybe we need a break. Maybe we ran out time or energy – or both. Maybe it was cheaper than the alternative. Whatever the reason – the guilt and self-shaming simply must stop.

perfect-motherWhy? Because you’re a damn good mom – and you are trying your best. If someone were to tell you that they had done something that traditionally you feel guilty about with their kids, you’d be sure to find a positive spin on it, and to remind them that their kids will be ok in spite of the extra hour you let them watch Disney Channel so that they could decompress from a truly horrific work day. You’d definitely find the words to reassure that mom that her kids would one day look back over a sea of memories with her, only to recall fun and wonderful moments despite what may have been going on in the background of their lives.

So you, dear mother who is working her butt off to make sure your kids come out of their childhood with all the qualities a parent could ever ask for, give yourself a big FAT break in life. Stop the fussing. Stop the worrying. Your kids love you – and they will look back at some point and appreciate all you did. Each day is a new day, and if you screw this one up a little, there is the potential to make tomorrow better. Love your kids and family, but just as importantly – remember to love yourself.


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