Pinterest Picks: Fall Crafts

Written by: Jennifer Silverstein

The first day of autumn has come and gone and we’re still waiting for our cold front here in Florida.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t get into the spirit and participate in some fun fall crafts.

1. Acorn Handprints 

Here’s an easy one we did last year:


                         Pinterest Version                                                                  My Version

All this required was brown and white paint and paper! I mixed the brown and white together to create the lighter brown color for the bottom of the acorn, which I painted the kids hands with. Once that dried, I painted the tops freehand and wrote each child’s name and the year on the bottom of the paper with gold Sharpie marker.

2. Pumpkin Alphabet (letter recognition)

0e5c8789017b4fd258879abad74b6573 image

                           Pinterest Version                                                 My Version

We are still over here working on our alphabet (LOL). This one, I printed from The Kindergarten Connection. I had my oldest, Emma, color the pumpkins orange and then I cut them all out. Then, we sang the song and she found each letter and glued them down.

3. Black Cat Paper Plate Craft

image image

Pinterest Version                                                   My Version

This one was quite easy, IMO. I had purchased a package from Amazon a few months ago with small pieces of tissue paper in lots of colors. BEST. PURCHASE. EVER.

I’ve used it for flamingoes, pineapples, a seahorse and more. And I’ve NEVER had to cut tissue paper into tiny little pieces by hand. Thank God.

Any who, for this craft, I used a paint brush to put glue all over the plate and let the girls glue black tissue paper and cover all the white on the paper plate. I cut out 4 black triangles for the ears. We used a heart-shaped button for the nose. I cut out the eyes and mouth from white cardstock and had the girls color the eyes (Emma chose green, Addie blue because that’s the color of her eyes). The whiskers are pipe cleaners.

4. Tracing lines practice (Fall leaves)


I printed these out from  I have signed up for this website using my email address and saying I am a homeschool mom. You can get many free printable and worksheets from there. This was pretty self explanatory. I simply let the girls trace the lines. (Addie is on the left, Emma on the right) Emma added her name to her 🙂

5. Fall Leaves Handprints 

This was another craft that we did last year. I simply painted the girls’ hands in fall leaf colors: red, yellow, orange and green. Once they dried, I used a marker to draw veins up their fingers, wrote their names and the year.

I hope you try some of these out at home and comment below if you have! I’d love to see YOUR versions!

Jenn from GrowingUpSilverstein


I’m a Stay-at-Home mom of two little girls. Addie, 2, and Emma, 3. They ARE NOT twins, no matter how many times people ask me. We live on 6 acres and have two dogs, 5 chickens and a tortoise! I’ve been married to my husband, Eric, for 7 years! I have a degree in Journalism, and am currently doing HIPPY Homeschool with my oldest. I’m UBER crafty and ADDICTED to Pinterest.



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