Making Art Easy and Accessible


Since becoming a mother I have always made it a goal to share my passion for the arts with my daughter. My husband and I are both artistic and so are our mothers. So naturally our daughter is artistic as well. I, like most moms, have at times dreaded dragging out the paints and having to clean up 5 minutes later when my daughter’s attention span wanes. When she was a toddler I searched to find ways to make art more accessible to her and an easier clean up for me.

Here is a list of some items that I purchased:

Ikea’s Mala Children’s Easel

I found this easel to be the best. It features a large tray and holds a roll of paper. It is also affordable.


Creative Street No-Spill Paint Cups and Brushes Set

These are amazing; They are spill proof and come with lids. They have brushes with colored handles that match the cups. Your child can easily grab the color they need and put it back in the proper cup without mixing colors.

I filled the cups with washable crayola tempera paint and left them out on the easel daily. My daughter was free to grab a paintbrush and paint on the easel whenever she wanted. I made things easier by always leaving her apron and a new sheet of paper on the easel. I also placed the easel in the kitchen on the tile, just in case there was an accident.  This process gave her a sense of accomplishment. No matter what she painted she was always proud to show it off. *If your child is not quite ready for tempera paint, try leaving a palate of washable water color paint and a cup of water on the easel instead.


Teach your child early that crayons are for paper. I introduced crayons fairly early and started by simply scribbling on paper in front of her. She would then mimic my motions.   As soon as your child is ready, have a bucket of crayons and paper always available to them. If your child is not ready have them somewhere out of reach where they can be seen.  This allows for self directed creativity.


Combine art and nature. Paint on pine cones picked on walks around the park. Paint on shells found at the beach. Paint on pots for planting flowers. Paint on sidewalks. Painting on items found together is fun and creates long lasting memories.


Play-doh Play-doh play-doh, get some play-doh out and let them have at it! We love play-doh. Get everyone in your household involved. We sit as a family with play-doh (and various other crafts) talking and creating. These are some of our best moments together, ones that I hope my daughter will remember forever.


Art improves a child’s motor skills, visual learning, and creativity. Art in the home does not have to be a chore. The more easy and accessible you make it the better.



Suzette Foister

Mother, Wife, Owner/Artist at Bring Your Own Canvas


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