Pinterest Picks: Back-to-School Edition

Written By: Jennifer Silverstein

While my kids aren’t exactly “school-age” yet, I do try to teach them as much as I can at home- the DIY way. Here are a few DIY/ back to school crafts to re-create with your littles.

  1. Alphabet Cookie Sheet

We are currently working on our alphabet, so when I saw this:


Pinterest Version

I decided to re-create it myself. And on the cheap.

I didn’t want to use one of my own cookie sheets (because, cookies) so I went to the Dollar Store and bought one. After that, I just used a Sharpie and wrote the letters on it.

Luckily for us, we already had alphabet letters just lying around.


My Version

2. Parts of a flower (using baking cups) 

image image

            Pinterest Version                                                     My Version

This one was fairly easy (and used materials I already had around the house/ kitchen). I started by painting the bottom of the paper brown for the dirt (and let it dry), then I had the kids glue down the baking cup while I cut out the stem and leaves for them.  Then, they proceeded to glue down the stem, leaves, “roots” a.k.a. yarn and seeds. The ones in the Pinterest version were sunflower seeds. I didn’t have any of those so I used popcorn kernels.

3. Paper Plate Sunflower 

image image

                                              Pinterest Version(s)

image image

                                                             My Version

I have actually purchased a stack of paper plates just for crafting! For this one, I let the kids paint both the outer edge of the plate (yellow) and the inside (brown) for the sunflower.

Then, I put dots of glue all over the brown part of their plate and let them place the corn kernels and black beans on.

Then, I let them cut the edges of the paper plate to make the petals of the flower.

Once the flowers were dried, I hot glued a stem to the back of the flower.

4. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom (Letter & name Recognition) 

IMG_1537 IMG_2372 

              Pinterest Version                                                    My Version

I had this one saved for a while before we actually got around to doing it, but it was super simple! Probably less that 20 minutes!

I purchased alphabet letters from (you guessed it) the Dollar Store.

I painted brown tree trunks, cut out coconuts using a large hole puncher and cut leave shapes freehand.

I let the kids glue down the leaves and coconuts and then gave them some letters.

I handed them each their name letters and encouraged them to put them on the trunk.


I hope these “Pinterest Picks” encourage you to DIY some of YOUR own at home with your kids! Especially with back-to-school coming up!


Jenn from GrowingUpSilverstein


I’m a Stay-at-Home mom of two little girls. Addie, 2, and Emma, 3. They ARE NOT twins, no matter how many times people ask me. We live on 6 acres and have two dogs, 5 chickens and a tortoise! I’ve been married to my husband, Eric, for 7 years! I have a degree in Journalism, and am currently doing HIPPY Homeschool with my oldest. I’m UBER crafty and ADDICTED to Pinterest.

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