By: Melissa Beckley

I can’t tell you how often this word is in my head. As a momma I always want what is best for my child, and I look around at others who seem to always have it together and the doubt creeps in. Am I ENOUGH? Am I a good enough wife? Am I a good enough mother to my children?

I remember clearly the moment it clicked for me. I was sitting at my now 6 year old’s Christmas program at school. I had a hard morning that day knowing that I was showing up with store bought snacks, an outfit that didn’t match, and my hair was just brushed, but not styled like all the other mom’s hair. I sat in one of the tiny seats in the audience and watched their sweet little performance. My little guy looked out and once he saw me, he smiled the biggest smile and waved at me. I knew then that I was enough.

Melissa 3

I want to tell you that momma, YOU are enough. God surely knew what he was doing when he gave you your children, He knew that YOUR kids would need the love that only you can give them. When you have bad days, fall short and sometimes you just don’t feel it, I promise you that you are STILL enough!

Melissa 2

Whether you’re a momma who is all about the store bought, or loves the Pinterest projects. Whether you love to cook and clean or just really would rather not. Whether you style your hair everyday and look like you could be in a magazine or if you rock your yoga pants and throw your hair into a pony tail. Whether you work out or don’t. Whether you breast feed or bottle feed, or use cloth or disposable diapers. YOU ARE ENOUGH. You are beautiful and mean the absolute world to those little people that call you momma.




untitled-279 copy I’m Melissa, wife to a handsome guy and momma to 5 crazy kids (ages 10 months to 13 years). I am a birth, newborn and baby photographer and I love living in Florida 🙂




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