A Day In The Life

By: Jennifer Stroble

I can’t remember the last time I accomplished the laundry. The dishes are piling up, and I’m starting to wonder when the ants are going to permanently make a residence in my home. (Only partially kidding).

What? You mean the house looks crazy?

I’ve spent the last two weeks battling sickness running through the household, hopping from one kid to the next, and back and forth between my husband and I.

From the time I wake up, until the time the sweet and sour kids go to bed, it’s a struggle.  My oldest has massive defiance with me, and is constantly whining, or being aggressive. My little munchkin is learning he can crawl. He now navigates all over the house, trying to reach anything and everything he shouldn’t touch, such as power outlets and the dog’s tail.

As a mom, I spend most of my day saying “No!”, “Don’t touch that.”, “Put it back.”, and “That’s not nice.” I’m having to put my kid in time out for not listening to any of those things.

It’s become a regular occurrence where I doubt myself as a mother. I think to myself, “Why can’t I handle this? The house is never clean. My kids constantly push boundaries, and I feel like I’m sinking. The kids must think I’m the worst!” Then something magical happens.

Out of the blue, during dinner one night my 4 year old says “I love you mommy!” while giving me the biggest “bear hug” he could. I ask, “Why do you love mommy?” and he says, “Because you take me to the park….. and to the mall… and you make me cookies.”. Then I realize, he doesn’t care about the dishes, the laundry, nor the fact that he’s spent more time in the corner than out. All he cared about was that I put an effort into spending time with him.

Jennifer Stroble 2

That’s the moment I realized, it’s all in my head. I’m stressing myself out for no reason. The kids don’t hate me, and the house is a mess because I’m focused on what’s important: My kids!

That magical moment set me straight. However, it still won’t stop me from putting my feet up on Mother’s Day and ignoring the chaos that revolves around house chores and raising children.

Mom, who?

Jennifer Stroble 3 I’m Jennifer, a 25 year old mother of two amazing boys. Keagan is four years old, and Oliver will be one in September. I’ve been married five years now, and have grown up in the Brandon area. I am a sarcastic, laid back stay-at-home parent with a hectic lifestyle catering to my children and two rambunctious dogs. Each day I’m simply trying to survive the never-ending ride that is parenthood

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